COVID-19 Response and Reopening

Are you 16 or 17 years old?

If you are under 18 years of age, then you must be released from your high school (or Education Service District if being home schooled), before you can register in classes.

Follow the steps below before going to Orientation:

  1. Pick up an Intent to Enroll Form at any COCC Campus. If you are in Bend please go to our Adult Basic Skills office in Metolius Hall room 101. A college staff person will fill in COCC's portion and sign it.

  2. Take the Intent to Enroll Form to the high school counseling office where you attended, or take it to the school district office where you live (or ESD if home schooling).

  3. Give the staff member your Intent to Enroll form and ask for an Exemption from Compulsory Education form. The high school principal or building administrator must sign it along with you and a parent.

  4. Take the signed Exemption form with you to Orientation. You must have it to register for classes.