Review and Support Committee

Approved: 6/16/10


  1. Goal of Review Process: Identify and implement remedies for sets of courses determined to be at risk when identified benchmarks are reviewed. Assist all programs in understanding and analyzing the data for the program.
  2. Key Indicators and benchmarks: Identified by the Review and Support Committee (RSC). Schedule for re-examination of data, indicators, and benchmarks: Fall 2008, Fall 2009, and normally every three years thereafter.
  3. Data tracking of above indicators: By October 15 of each academic year, "Strategic Indicators for Instruction" are published to the campus community with data sets for the prior academic year.

For more information about this committee, see section G-6-8.7 of COCC's General Procedures Manual

Current Members 2022-23:

Sean Rule
Faculty Senate (TFR)
Term: 2020-23 

Paula Simone
ChairMoot (CTE)
Term: 2021-24 

Annemarie Hamlin, Chair
VP of Academic Affairs
Term: Automatic 

Ken Swartwout
Faculty Senate (CTE)
Term: 2022-25 

Beth Palmer
Faculty Senate Sub.
Term: 2022-23 

ChairMoot (TFR)
Term: 2022-225

ChairMoot Sub.
Term: 2022-23