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Approved 05/17/2011


The purpose of the Insurance Committee is to review and recommend group health insurance plans and other employee benefits (both College-provided and voluntary) to the College administration.

The Insurance Committee may meet with vendors, consultants and Oregon Educators Benefits Board (OEBB) representatives to determine the best mix of benefits for College employees.

All appointed members of the Committee are voting members and recommendations of the Committee are non-binding recommendations to the President.

For more information about this committee, see section G-6-8.11 of COCC's General Procedures Manual.

Current Members 2019-20:

Stella Mackey
FT Classified Representative
Term: 2019-22 

Keri Donovan
Adj. Faculty Forum
Term: 2018-21 
541-383-7701, Ext. 2035

Lisa Bohard
Term: 2018-21 
541-5383-7701, Ext. 2107

Tina Leslie
PT Classified Representative
Term: 2018-21  

JT Strang
Pres. Appt., Benefitted P/T
Term: 2020-23 
Phone: 541-383-7768

Shelley Huckins
Payroll Advisor (non-voting)
Term: Automatic  

Fleur Prade
FT Faculty Forum
Term: 2019-22 

Brian Allison
Presidential Appointment
Term: 2017-20 

Laura Boehme, Chair
Lead HR Advisor (non-voting)
Term: Automatic 

Additional members of the Human Resources and Payroll staff provide committee support.