Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Watch the recording of Roopika Risam's presentation at Fall 2021's Faculty Retreat:

Roopika Risam on Anti-Racist Pedagogy.

Anti-Racist Pedagogy Workshops

Starting in Fall 2021, groups of faculty explored four different tracks to adopt and implement practices of course design and pedagogy that actively work toward creating anti-racist courses and classrooms. A list of materials created by the workshop participants are posted here for other faculty to use. You can also click on a track below to see the materials for a specific focus.

Picture of a classroom

Reworking a lesson, an approach, a syllabus, or assignment

Image of people talking

Facilitating culturally competent conversations in the classroom

Image of someone taking a test

Anti-racist assessment practices

Image of different hands clasped in supportive fashion

Developing relationships, supporting students for an inclusive classroom