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Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT)

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree meets the state of Oregon transfer degree requirements, allowing students to transfer to an Oregon public university and some out-of-state universities having met all lower - division general education requirement s; with the appropriate course planning, all lower - division major requirements may also be met. Students should work closely with an advisor to select the best degree option and review specific transfer requirements.

Most law schools have no requirements for a pre-law curriculum and will accept a bachelors degree in any major. Students should develop an educational program that is broad, yet provides depth of understanding in at least one subject area, along with fundamental insights into human institution s and values. The emphasis should be on a degree program that meets students needs and interests, that students find challenging, and in which students will do their best work and will earn good grades.

Legal educators agree that the development of particular skills and habits will contribute more to success in law school than a major in any one subject. Therefore, coursework should focus on strengthening habits of thoroughness, intellectual curiosity, scholarship, the ability to research a topic, write concisely, analyze information and think critically. Verbal and written communication skills are very important.

Courses in literature, language, composition, logic and linguistics are directly concerned with the cultivation of these skills. In addition, lawyers must be adept at problem solving and organizing information to support a point of view. Courses in political science, economics, American and British history, journalism, philosophy and business principles will provide an opportunity to practice these skills and gain an understanding of social institutions and values.

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