HHP Classes

COURSE OUTCOME: Understand chronic health risks and how to implement holistic, lifestyle behavior change to enhance personal and community-wide safety, health and fitness.

Exercise Science

HHP 100 intro to Public Health
HHP 131 Intro to Exercise/Sport Science
HHP 216 Sociocultural Dimensions of Physical Activity
HHP 246 Intro to Adapted Physical Activity
HHP 259 Care and Prevention of Athletics Injury
HHP 260 Introduction to Human Movement
HHP 261 Exercise Physiology
HHP 262 Training Theory and Applications
HHP 267 Wellness Coaching Fundamentals
HHP 270 Sport and Exercise Psychology

Health Promotion
HHP 210 Intro to Health Services and Organizations
HHP 212A CPR-Health Care Professionals
HHP 220 Intro to Epidemiology
HHP 231 Human Sexuality
HHP 240 Science of Nutrition
HHP 242 Stress Management
HHP 243 Occupational Health, AHA BLS CPR
HHP 248 Health Psychology
HHP 252 First Aid/AHA Healthcare Provider
HHP 252A Fitness/First Aid
HHP 258 Holistic Wellness
HHP 266 Nutrition for Health
HHP 268 Sustainable Food and Nutrition
HHP 283 intro to Alternative Medicine
HHP 291 Lifeguard Training
HHP 295 Health and Fitness for Life

Activity Courses
HHP 185AB Baseball
HHP 185BA Barre Body
HHP 185BB Snowboarding I
HHP 185BC SnowboardingI
HHP 185BE Snowboarding II: Competitive Freestyle Riding
HHP 185BF Baskeball
HHP 185BJ Brazilian Jiujitsu
HHP 185BS Swim Fit and Technique
HHP 185BW Boot Camp for Women
HHP 185CD Cultural Dance
HHP 185CF Core Fusion
HHP 185CT Circuit Training
HHP 185CY Cycling: Road, Studio, Mountain
HHP 185DA Aerobic Dance I (kickboxing, turbo kick)
HHP 185DB Aerobic Dance II: Bence/Step
HHP 185DC Aerobic Dance III: Hip-Hop
HHP 185DD Dancercise
HHP 185GL Golf
HHP 185IM Intermediate Mountain Biking
HHP 185JG Jogging
HHP 185KA Ki Aikido
HHP 185KB Advanced Ki Aikido
HHP 185KR Traditional Japanese Karate
HHP 185MS Masters Swimming
HHP 185RC Road Cycling
HHP 185RG Rugby
HHP 185SA Ski Alpine I
HHP 185SB Skl AlpineII
HHP 185SF Softball
HHP 185SH Stretch and Relaxation
HHP 185SK Ski Conditioning (Nordic)
HHP 185SL Sand Volleyball
HHP 185SR Soccer
HHP 185SS Advanced Soccer
HHP 185ST Pilates
HHP 185SU Pilates-All Levels
HHP 185SW Swimming Fundamentals
HHP 185SX Ski X-Country I
HHP 185SY Ski X-Country II
HHP 185TA Tennis I
HHP 185TB Tennis II
HHP 185TF Total Fitness
HHP 185TI Tai Chi/Qigong
HHP 185TJ Tai Chi/Qigong-Intermediate
HHP 185TK Tae Kwon Do
HHP 185TR 10K Running
HHP 185VC Volleyball All Levels
HHP 185VD Volleyball - Doubles
HHP 185WA Progressive Walking
HHP 185WE Water Aerobics
HHP 185WN Wilderness Training
HHP 185WT Weight Training
HHP 185WW Wilderness Training: Water (rafting, kayaking)
HHP 185YA Intermediate Yoga
HHP 185YB Yoga for Athletes
HHP 185YG Yoga
HHP 185YH Yoga All Levels
HHP 185YI Yoga/Pilates Blend
HHP 185YJ Yoga-Vinyasa Rising
HHP 185YK Gentle Yoga
HHP 185SU Zumba