Nursing Program Prerequisites and Support Courses

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree 102-106 credits

Degree as awarded on transcript: Associate of Applied Science, Nursing
Must have an overall 3.0 average for these courses

Application Prerequisite: Must have "C" grade or better Credits

CIS 120 or,
Computer Competency Exam

Prerequisite Courses: Must have "C" grade or better  
BI 231 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BI 232 Anatomy & Physiology II
BI 233 Anatomy & Physiology III
MTH 095 Intermediate Algebra or,
Higher level course (excluding MTH 098)
WR 121 Academic Composition
Support Courses: Must have "C" grade or better  
WR 122 Argument, Research, and Multimodal Composition, or 
WR 122: Technical Writing
FN 225 Human Nutrition, or
HHP 240 Science of Nutrition
PSY 215 Developmental Psychology 4
CH 104 Introduction to Chemistry I or, 
CH 221 General Chemistry I