Medical Assistant Registration Information

Medical Assistant Program 2022/2023 Registration Instructions

Students must be 18 years of age or older to participate in program classes (those beginning with the letters MA).

Basic Steps:

  1. Make an appointment with your advisor:
    1. Continuing students should check to see that their advisor has cleared them to register. Contact the CAP (Careers, Advising, Personal Counseling) Services if you need to be assigned to an advisor.
    2. New students and students returning after an absence of one year or more will receive placement testing, advising, and registration information after an application for admission is received.

  2. Complete your prerequisites (see Certificate Requirements).
      1. You must have completed or be registered in prerequisites by summer term to register for MA classes in the fall.
      2. If you are taking some of your prerequisites in the summer prior to entering classes, you must pass all prerequisite classes by the end of summer term with a “C” or better to maintain your place in the program.
      3. Transfer students wishing to use classes from other colleges as prerequisites must have these classes articulated prior to registering for the MA classes.

  3. The Medical Assistant program starts once each year in the fall. You register for these classes during spring or summer term, depending on your assigned registration times.
    1. You must register for all of three Medical Assistant Classes during your assigned registration time. These classes are:
      1. MA 110
      2. MA 111
      3. MA 150 or MA 140 depending on which is offered fall term
    2. Failure to register for all three classes will block your registration.
    3. The number of students accepted into each class is guided by resources such as practicum site availability but, in general, we accept 32 students.
    4. After all allocated spots are filled, students are placed on the wait list in the order that they register.
    5. Keep in mind that students registering for more than 19 credits are automatically bumped from waitlists. This might apply to students who register for a number of credits as a backup plan.

  4. Registered students will receive a welcome letter with immunization, criminal history check, drug screen instructions and codes for VCI access at the end of spring term. The cost for VCI services is $130.

  5. Students should make appointments for needed immunizations and start gathering required documents as soon as they know they are registered in the Medical Assistant Program. Required Documents include:
    1. Copies of up-to-date immunizations records on Verified Credentials website by the assigned due date.
    2. Copy of your GED, High School diploma or official High School transcript indicating that you graduated

It can take time to complete immunizations and receive transcripts. Putting off these tasks until the last minute may jeopardize your spot in the program. Oregon Health Authority [OHA] mandates current immunizations, American Heart Association, Health Care Provider CPR card; a urine drug screen and a criminal history as a condition of clinical attendance for all health careers students who have direct patient contact during their program practicum [see OHA Student Information Sheet].

Students who have not initiated the urine drug screen, completed the criminal history check and uploaded their immunizations documents, by the specified due date, will be administratively withdrawn from the program. It is your responsibility to watch your COCC email and the Medical Assistant Program Web Site during the months of August and September to check for updated requirements. All communication will be via your student COCC email.

*Please see the "Immunizations, Criminal History Check, Drug Screening Instructions" radio button for complete requirements and policies.

Remember, you have to show up for all classes and your assigned lab during the first week to keep your spot in the program. Therefore, it is important that you know the time and location of all classes.