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Writing courses at COCC instruct students in reading actively, thinking critically, and writing purposefully and capably for academic and professional audiences. Students have the opportunity to gain skills in recognizing and articulating the need for information, and then locate, evaluate, and ethically utilize that information to communicate effectively and demonstrate appropriate reasoning in response to complex issues.

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COCC Writing Center 

Visit the COCC Writing Center for free Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Tutoring for all currently enrolled COCC students for the courses that they are currently taking at COCC. You do not need to make an appointment. Just drop by during scheduled hours. The Writing Center is located in the lower level of Barber library.

Contact the COCC Writing Center for more information on services, location, and times. 

Student Resources

How to be Successful in COCC Writing Classes (English)

How to be Successful in COCC Writing Classes (Spanish)

Writing Course PlacementStudent Reading in Campus Library

All students (unless exempt*) taking credit classes must take the COCC placement assessment prior to registration in order to assess their current abilities in reading, writing and math. This information will help students choose the most appropriate courses for their skill level. Initial placement in COCC Writing Courses is based on multiple measures assessment.

Our writing courses are process oriented; each course focuses on the process for developing ideas, forming questions, researching, drafting, evaluating, and revising formal writing projects. Our composition courses (WR 121, 122, and 227) focus on a variety of expository, analytical, and argumentative writing genres.

Humanities Department/Composition Committee Policy (approved Jan. 17, 2014)

To place in WR 121, students must either take the College’s writing/reading comprehension placement exam and place in WR 121 or receive a passing grade in WR 65 or WR 95.

The COCC Humanities department does not have a challenge option for WR 121, WR 122, or WR 227 in keeping with the process oriented approach to writing that is the guiding principle of all of our writing courses.

If you have any questions about placement into a Writing course at COCC, please contact

WR 121 Prerequisites and Exemptions

WR 121 Prerequisites: Students may register in WR 121 or WR 121 plus WR 98 Seminar only if they have met at least one of the following prerequisites:

  • Earned Writing and Reading placement scores (COCC Placement Assessment) that place the student in WR 121 or WR 121 plus WR 98 Seminar.
  • Placed into WR 121 or WR 121 plus WR 98 Seminar via the multiple measures assessment (Directed Self Placement).
  • Successfully completed, with a grade or "C" or higher, WR 65.
  • Completed the Smarter Balanced Assessment within the last two years and scored a 3 or 4 in writing.

Exemptions: Students are exempt from taking WR 121 if they have:

  • Completed a two-year associate degree or higher degree, supported by an official college transcript.
  • Successfully completed, with a grade of "C" or higher, a course determined to be equivalent to WR 121 at a previous college supported by an official college transcript.
  • Earned a 3 or higher on the AP Language and Composition Exam, or a 5 or higher in an IB exam.
  • Successfully completed, with a grade of "C" or higher, a College Now WR 121 course supported by an official college transcript.

For more information on writing courses contact: Humanities Department Faculty