EMS Advisory Committee

The COCC EMS Advisory Committee meets in both fall and spring of each academic year and review the goals, outcomes for the classes, and make recommendations to the program. In addition, the EMS Advisory Committee meetings include a review of minimum competency requirements, including team leads, achievement of goals, analysis of goals, action plans, and results of action, and a review of the annual report. All EMS Advisory Committee meetings have minutes recorded which reflect the attendees and the meaningful discussions and actions during the meeting.


Name Agency/Organization
Dr. William Reed Medical Director-Bend FD, Redmond FD
Tyson Jenson Bend Fire, EMS Captain
David P. Lehrfeld MD Medical Director-Oregon Health Authority
David MacDonald Crooked River Ranch RFPD, Training Officer
Alyce Pearce Synthesis Marketing
Philip Hranika RN Saint Charles Health System
Laura Cain COCC EMS Administrative Assistant
Steve Penga COCC Paramedicine Lead Instructor
Michael Fisher COCC Dean of Instruction
Tyler Edmondson 2018-2019 Paramedicine student
Jeremiah Kenfield Crook County Fire, Training Officer & Paramedic Instructor
David Schappe COCC EMS Programs Director
Dr. William Reed Medical Director, COCC EMS, Bend FD, Redmond FD