Dental Assisting Program Requirements

Program preparation and prerequisites

Required prior to entry (before registration) in program (DA) courses:

  • 18 years old or
    • have Program Director approval, and
    • will be 18 before the end of Spring term
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Completion of all prerequisite courses (See general education/foundational courses below) with a grade of "C" or better

Required prior to start (beginning of Fall term) of (DA) courses:

  • Documentation of a Criminal Background Check
  • Documentation of completion of required immunizations
  • Documentation of completion of current Healthcare Provider CPR card
  • Documentation of 10-panel drug screen

Students must follow the college process on obtaining this information as listed on the Immunizations, Background Check, Drug Testing, and CPR Requirement page. Students are responsible for the cost of providing these documents. Contact your advisor for more information.

Minimum GPA or grade requirements

All required courses must be completed at a "C" or better and graduates must have an overall 2.0 GPA or higher.

Dental Clinic 4



Program course requirements

General education/foundational Prerequisite Requirements
Must be completed prior to registration into DA courses
WR 121 English Composition 4
MTH 95 or higher Intermediate Algebra 4
SP 218 Interpersonal Communication 3
CIS 010 Computer Keyboard (or test option: ) 1
CIS 120 Computer Concepts (or Computer Competency Test) 0-4
HHP 252 (not 252A) First Aid/AHA Healthcare Provider  3
Take one of the following Psychology courses:  
PSY 101      Applied Psychology      3
PSY 201      Mind and Brain    4
PSY 215      Developmental Psychology     4
PSY 216 Social Psychology 4
Program requirements
Fall Term
DA 110 Basic Dental Assisting 4
DA 115 Dental Science 5
DA 125 Dental Infection Control 3
DA 134 Dental Radiology I 3
DA 145 Preventive Dentistry 3
Winter Term
DA 120 Advanced Dental Assisting 4
DA 130 Dental Materials I 4
DA 135 Dental Radiology II 4
DA 151 Dental Computing 2
DA 181 Dental Seminar I 1
DA 190 Dental Assisting Practicum I 2
Spring Term
DA 131 Dental Materials II 4
DA 150 Introduction to Dental Office Management 3
DA 160 Oral Medicine 3
DA 182 Dental Seminar II 1
DA 191 Dental Assisting Practicum II 8