Juvenile Corrections Certificate

Certificate of Completion: The statewide one-yearcertificate program with concentration in juvenile corrections isspecifically designed for individuals who want to work directlywith juvenile offenders in various settings. These settings mayinclude Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) as well as other public,private and nonprofit agencies/programs. A criminal backgroundcheck is required to complete the one-year certificate or thetwo-year degree. The criminal background check is also arequirement for any job in the criminal justice field.

Juvenile Corrections Certificate of Completion
(54 credits)

Computer Competency 0-4
MTH 65 Algebra II 4
WR 121 English Composition 4


HS 205 Youth and Addictions 3
PSY 201 Mind and Brain 4
PSY 202 Mind and Society 4
PSY 215 Developmental Psychology 4
PSY 219 Abnormal Psychology 4
PSY 233 Psychology of Violence and Aggression 4
SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology 4

CJ 100 Survey of the Criminal Justice System 3
CJ 101 Introduction to Criminology 4
CJ 201 Introduction to Juvenile Justice 3
CJ 230 Juvenile Corrections 3
CJ 280 Co-op Work Experience 2

Juvenile Corrections Certificate (print version) (pdf)

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