COCC's Journalism Program is a small but exciting. It is linked to COCC's Award Winning student newspaper, The Broadside through the Publications Lab (J215).

In Reporting I (J216) students practice the basic skills of reporting and newswriting, develop a strong news sense, conduct interviews, craft news stories, take local field trips, and explore the ethical issues that face reporters each day. In Reporting II (J217) students apply their skills to more complex stories, develop investigative stories, try editorial writing, and achieve a basic grasp of communication law.

Communications - Journalism degree information: Speech Communication

Broadside Newspaper

The Broadside is the official student newspaper of Central Oregon Community College and Oregon State University- Cascades. The newspaper can be accessed online at

Instructor of Journalism: Cathy Carroll

Student Newspaper Advisor: Cathy Carroll

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Journalism Program Student Learning Outcomes

Students completing the journalism program at COCC will

  1. By means of stories and articles, demonstrate effective research, critical thinking and aesthetic engagement with subject matter.

  2. Demonstrate an ability to write in a variety of journalistic genres, including feature writing, hard news, profile, public relations, and other modes.

  3. By means of stories and articles, exhibit fluency in composition and grammar and punctuation, as well as the ability to adjust levels of diction for particular audiences.

  4. Demonstrate competency in mathematical communication-either statistical, financial, or technical.

  5. Conduct effective interviews, demonstrating an ability to adjust the direction of inquiry based on careful listening, and accurately record the interview, by means of note-taking and or audio/video recording.

  6. Itemize key issues in professional journalism regarding diversity and demonstrate, in story selection and development, an understanding of cultural awareness.

  7. Comprehend and adhere to basic laws regarding communication, particularly in areas of first amendment rights, copyright, and defamation.

  8. Demonstrate familiarity with the standards of the Society of Professional Journalists.