Business Students Discussing IdeasCOCC offers the following Entrepreneurial pathways:

Business Administration Department:

The Entrepreneurship Certificate is wholly contained within the AAS Business Administration Small Business/Entrepreneurship specialization Degree. The Entrepreneurship certificate is designed to give students a foundation for starting their own business or assisting in the business startup activities of others. All coursework may be applied to an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Business degree.

The Associate of Applied Science Business Administration Small Business/Entrepreneurship Specialization Degree qualifies graduates to start and run a business, grow an existing business, or be employed in a new startup venture.  The skills learned will enable the student to comprehend and assist in the basics of successfully operating a small business.  Employment opportunities and job functions will vary greatly with industry, size of business, and geographical region.

For additional information contact specialized faculty Theresa Freihoefer Management & Small Business Entrepreneurship 541.383.7734.