G-34-4.3 Specific Responsibilities of Part-Time Faculty

(formerly HR 9-2.1)

Grade Records: Each faculty member is expected to keep a record of student achievement to support grades given to students. Enter final class grades in Banner by the due date. Late grades can result in financial aid and eligibility problems for students. (Instructions for transmittal of grades are announced each term).

Grade Book Retention: Each instructor is responsible for keeping an accurate and up-to-date permanent grade book.

At the time an instructor leaves COCC, the electronic or paper grade records of all classes he/she taught within the last academic year will be deposited with the Department Chair.

Attendance Records: Attendance records must be maintained and forwarded to the appropriate College office when required by State, Federal, or other College recognized agencies.

Administrative Withdrawal: All faculty are responsible for completing and returning the first week rosters, noting the absence of students on the roster. The Administrative Withdrawal/Attendance Policy (General Procedures Manual A-3-0) states that students will be withdrawn for non-attendance during any part of the first week of classes, or the first class of a short-term class. Please refer to the Class Schedule for a full description of the Class Attendance and Administrative Withdrawal policy and consult with Department Administrative Assistant for procedures

Office Hours & Student Contact: Part-time faculty are expected to make themselves available to their students outside class for approximately one hour for each class they teach.

Field Trips: Any instructor who wishes to take groups of students off campus during class hours should distribute a list of the students' names to all faculty. The list should circulate not less than one week before the date of absence. See A-18-0 in the General Procedures Manual.

Student Registration: Only registered students should be allowed to attend classes at COCC.

Retention of Important Student Work: Faculty members are responsible for maintaining accurate files of important student work (mid-term examinations, final examinations, and formal papers) through the end of the following regular quarter (except summer), if such work is not returned to the student.

Course Syllabi: A syllabus for each course taught must be filed in the department office each quarter. Generally, a syllabus will include a statement of course objectives, text requirements, class meetings (credit hours, lecture/lab requirements, etc.), a statement of prerequisites (this may indicate required and/or recommended courses), a brief description of special course requirements (term papers, examinations, grading systems, etc.). See syllabus template available online in Faculty Resources.

Absence from Classes by Faculty Members L Faculty members are expected to meet all classes at the regularly scheduled time. In cases of an unanticipated emergency or illness, the faculty member should notify the department chairperson as soon as possible. In cases of planned absence, the faculty member should give advance notice to the department chairperson to discuss arrangements to be taken to cover the absence and any necessary financial adjustments.