Safe Zone Volunteers

Safe Zone Logo The following members of the COCC and OSU-Cascades community serve as Safe Zones for our campus. They have participated in 6 hours of Safe Zone training and are willing to discuss issues impacting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people's lives in a non-judgmental manner. They will maintain confidentiality within the confines of their positions and believe that our campus is enriched by the diversity of LGBTQ people.

The following COCC and OSU-Cascades' faculty and staff serve as facilitators for the Safe Zone trainings:

Stephanie Beamer, Admissions/Academic Advising, 218 Cascades Hall, OSU Cascades
Carolyn Esky, Human Development, 108 Jefferson, COCC
Jim Foster, Political Science, 235 Cascades Hall, OSU Cascades
Annemarie Hamlin, Humanities, 122 Ochoco, COCC
Owen Murphy, Health and Human Performance, 206F Mazama, COCC
Karen Roth, Multicultural Activities, 216 Coats Campus Center, COCC
Chris Rubio, Humanities, 106 Ochoco, COCC
Jessica Russell, Health and Human Performance, 206D Mazama, COCC
Emily Smith, Science, 155 Science Center, COCC 
Layla Solar, Admissions and Records, Boyle Education Center Mall, COCC
Sara Thompson, 216 Library, OSU Cascades
The following COCC and OSU-Cascades' faculty and staff serve as Safe Zone volunteers:
Alma Aguiar, 033 Library, COCC
Beth Asigri, Adult Basic Skills, 130 Redmond Building 1, COCC
Lisa Bacon, Financial Aid, Boyle Education Center, COCC
Seana Barry, Admissions and Records, 129 Boyle Education Center, COCC
Stephanie Beamer, Admissions/Academic Advising, 218 Cascades Hall, OSU Cascades
Zak Boone, Foundation Office, 218 Boyle Education Center, COCC
Lindsay Buccafurni, Front Desk, Coats Campus Center, COCC
Emma Chaput, Biology, 284 Science Center, COCC
Kristin Coleman, Advisor, OSU Cascades 
Jenny Cruickshank, Health and Human Performance, 206C Mazama, COCC
Jane Denison-Furness, Humanities, 111 Ochoco, COCC
Julie Downing, HHP/Nursing, 356 Health Careers Center, COCC 
Tracy Dula, Career Services, CAP Center, Library, COCC
Shawna Elsberry, Retention, 209 Coats Campus Center, COCC
TJ Evans, Campus Services, COCC
Pat Givens, 111 Library, COCC
Kevin Grove, Science, 290 Science Center, COCC 
Christa Gunnell, Human Resources, 103 Newberry, COCC 
Annemarie Hamlin, Humanities, 122 Ochoco, Pence Hall 221, COCC
J. Colette Hansen, Fine Arts and Communication, COCC
Michael Hansen, Business, 123 Grandview, COCC
Tyler Hayes, Student Engagement, 210 Coats Campus Center, COCC 
Christopher Hazlett, Humanities, 125 Ochoco, COCC
Sarah Henson, Human Development, 223 Modoc, COCC
Kirsten Hostetler, Barber Library, 218 Barber Library, COCC 
Cady-Mae Koon, Campus Safety, 142 Boyle Education Center, COCC 
Brianne Kothari, Human Development and Family Science, 114 Graduate Research Center, OSU Cascades
Amanda Layton, Biology, 276 Science, COCC 
Samantha Loza, CAP Center, Basement of Library, COCC
Dennis Lynn, Human Development and Family Science, 208 Cascades Hall, OSU Cascades
Carrie McCormick, Madras Campus, COCC
Chris McCoy, Campus Services, COCC
Aimee Metcalf, College Relations, 121 Boyle Education Center, COCC
Melissa Monette, Admissions and Records, Boyle Education Center, COCC
Adam Neider, Campus Public Safety, 161D Boyle Education Center, COCC 
Brittany Nichols, COCC Foundation Office, 222 Boyle Education Center, COCC
Gregory Nigg, Tutoring and Testing, Lower Level Barber Library, COCC
Elizabeth Parks, Speech Communication, 114 Jefferson, COCC
Brynn Pierce, Institutional Effectiveness, 229 Boyle Education Center, COCC
Linda Porzelius, Counselor, 214 Cascades Hall, OSU Cascades
Donna Raymond, Mathematics, COCC
Tina Redd, Humanities, 302 Building 3, Redmond Campus, COCC 
Lura Reed, Human Development and Family Science, OSU Cascades
Gina Ricketts, Native American Program, 114 Coates Campus Center, COCC
Kristine Roshau, eLearning and Academic Technology, 212D Metolius, COCC
Diane Ross, Human Resources, 104 Newberry Hall, COCC 
Ashlee Sanders, Financial Aid, 109 Boyle Education Center, COCC
Christin Sands, Campus Services, COCC
Ellen Santasiero, English, OSU Cascades   
Paula Simone, Structural Fire, 120 Ponderosa, COCC 
Sally Sorenson, Human Resources, 109 Newberry Hall, COCC
Tracy Thille, Redmond Campus, Building 1, COCC
Sara Q. Thompson, 216 Library, OSU Cascades
Julie Townsend, Chandler Lab, COCC
Monica Vines, Addiction Studies, 207 Modoc, COCC
Erika Wooler, Admissions and Records, Boyle Education Center, COCC

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