Find Books & More...At COCC & Beyond

Quick Overview: You can use the Library's catalog to find books, e-books, DVDs, and streaming videos. If the COCC Barber Library doesn't have the item you need, you can request it from another library and have it in just a few days. For best results (and the most readily available items), start searching in the COCC Barber Library's catalog, and then try OSU or Summit Libraries if you can't find what you need here.

Video Tutorial

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Find Books & More...At COCC & Beyond, 5:08, captioned

Search the Barber Library Catalog

  1. On the Library's home page, click the button that says "Books & More."
  2. Select "Barber Library Catalog."
  3. Show me how.

    Books & More

    Barber Library Catalog

  4. Enter your search keywords.(Keywords are the most important words in your topic) and click "Search."
  5. Show me how.

    Catalog search

  6. In your list of results, you'll see books, e-books, DVDs, government documents, and streaming videos.
  7. Besides the item's title, you'll see the Location, which tells you where in the Library to find the item.
    1. OSU-Cascades items are also in the Barber Library.
    2. If the location says Internet, it means the item is an e-book or a streaming video.
  8. The call number tells you where on the shelf a physical item is. Every book in the Library has a label with its call number on it.
  9. The "Status" tells you if the item is "available" for check out, an "Internet File," or if it is already checked out to someone else. If there is a date in the "Status" column, the item is due back on that date.
  10. Next to the "Status" column, you'll see the publication date.
  11. Show me an example.

    Catalog search results

Accessing an Item with a Location of "Internet"

  1. Click on the item's title.
  2. Show me how.

    Access an e-item

  3. On the next screen, click on the link that says "COCC Students: Connect to this resource online."
  4. Show me how.

    Click on link for COCC students

  5. You may be prompted to enter your last name and ID number to log in. Otherwise, you'll be taken directly to an online copy of the item you wish to read or watch.

Search the OSU Library Catalog & Request an Item

If you can't find what you need at the Barber Library, you can search the OSU Library Catalog and request an item.
If you're already searching in the COCC Library catalog, it's very easy to search the OSU Library catalog.

  1. In the box at the top of the screen that says "COCC/Cascades (Bend)", use the drop down arrow to get a list of options.
  2. Show me how.

    COCC-Cascades location

  3. Select "Entire OSU/COCC Collection" from the list.
  4. Show me how.

    Change to OSU-COCC

  5. Click "Search."
  6. If you see an item you want to request that isn't available online or at COCC/OSU-Cascades, click on the title.
  7. Show me how.

    Select item to request, OSU

  8. Click on the "Request" button on the next screen.
  9. Show me how.

    osu request button

  10. Enter your last name and "Patron ID." Your "Patron ID" is your student ID number.
  11. Choose a pickup location. Cascades-COCC Bend is the Barber Library. COCC-Redmond is Building 3 at the Redmond campus. COCC-Prineville is the front office at the Prineville campus. COCC-Madras is the front office at the Madras campus.
  12. Click "Submit."
  13. Show me how.

    finalize osu request

  14. When the item arrives at your selected location, you'll get an email at your COCC or OSU email and will have 4 or 7 days (depending on item type) to pick it up.

Note: In the OSU Catalog, some "Internet" resources are available only to OSU students, faculty, and staff. Internet resources cannot be requested.

Search the Summit Catalog & Request an Item

Summit is a group of 37 academic libraries in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. You can request books from any of the other libraries and have them delievered to COCC for easy pickup. Via Summit, you have access to approximately 33 million items.
If you are already searching in the COCC or OSU catalogs, searching in Summit is very easy.

  1. Click on the "Try Summit Libraries" button at the top center of the screen. This will repeat your search in the Summit libraries catalog.
  2. Show me how.

    try summit libraries

    search repeated in summit

  3. If you see an item you want to request, click on the title.
  4. Show me how.

    select a summit item to request

  5. Click on the purple "Request Summit Item" button.
  6. Show me how.

    click on request button

  7. Choose COCC or OSU as "your library" from the list of choices and click continue (note: if you are an OSU-Cascades student, even a dually enrolled one, you must select OSU for the request process to work correctly).
  8. Show me how.

    choose your library 1

  9. Enter your last name and student ID number (your "University ID or barcode" is your student ID).
  10. Show me how.

    choose your library

  11. Click "Login."
  12. Select your pick up location. You can have books delivered to the Circulation Desk at the Barber Library in Bend, Redmond, Building 3, the Prineville campus front office, or the Madras campus front office.
  13. Show me how.

    select pickup location

  14. Click "Continue."
  15. When the item arrives at your selected location, you'll get an email at your COCC or OSU email and will have 7 days to pick it up.

Note: In the Summit catalog, e-books and online articles are not always available to all students at all Summit-participating institutions, and they cannot be requested.