Jon Bouknight

Dept(s): Speech
Office: Jefferson 118
Phone: 541-330-4394 x4394
Fax: 541-317-3060

Office Hours winter 2017: 


 Dr. Bouknight is on sabbatical.

Dr. Bouknight teaches Speech and Writing. 

He is also an advisor for Study Abroad students.  Find out more about COCC's current study abroad program by viewing the slideshow.

"What’s going on in the Dakotas is indefensible, just literally indefensible. And what’s powerful to see there is the oldest wisdom on this continent matching up perfectly with the newest scientific events. That’s a powerful combination. I think it’ll be powerful enough maybe to overwhelm even the financial might of the fossil fuel industry."

--Bill McKibben (interviewed on Democracy Now, 9/30/16)

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