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COCC Student EMAIL and Services available via Microsoft Office 365

EMAIL: COCC provides qualifying COCC STUDENTS with an email account via Microsoft Office 365 anywhere internet access is available.

Things to know:

  • Username Logins to all COCC PCs, COCC Wireless and Office 365 student email use the student's COCC EMAIL Address followed by (ex.
  • A student's COCC email address is the first initial of your first name and whole last name (no hyphens) and may have number digits on the end.  Example: (for a typical student) whose name is Bob Cat - the COCC email address would be ""
  • Students can access their email from the COCC Student Login page
  • Look up your email address  

Your Password

  • The original COCC email password can be found in Bobcat web account under Personal Information, Email Addresses
  • Note: if you want to change your COCC network login password, from any COCC on-campus PC you must be logged into the PC with your valid login information and then from the keyboard type CTRL-ALT-DEL keys and you will have the change password option. Or you may contact the COCC Pioneer Computer Lab (541-383-7722) Monday-Friday 8-5 pm for assistance.
  • If you know your password, we recommend you register to use the COCC Password Reset system. Once you register, you will be able to reset your own password.

Other Office 365 services:

Helpful Information:

If you have questions, difficulties logging in, password problems, or would like more information, please FIRST contact any COCC Computer Lab (Pioneer Lab 541-383-7722). If you have tried the COCC Computer Labs and are still having technical issues, you can email or call 541-383-7716. Please be sure to provide specific details regarding the technical issue and your name, 82# and contact information. Feedback365 email and phone is not for password problems.

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