COVID-19 Response and Reopening

Storm the Stairs

All day, everyday starting 5/29/2020 through 5/30/2020


Annual stair-climbing race at COCC takes a remote path

Due to the coronavirus, the annual “Storm the Stairs” fun run at COCC will take a remote path this year, moving the two-mile, 465-step Bend campus race into the homes and neighborhoods of participants on May 29 and 30. Choosing to run on either day, racers will self-report their miles and steps. Runners can register (must be 18 or older), order a T-shirt and learn more through the sports department webpage.

“We will all be running from home, in solidarity,” explained Joshua Motenko, assistant director of COCC’s club and intramural sports. “Campus is still closed, and we know it will be hard to find stairs to run, so some of us will probably be running up and down the three steps in front of our house.”

The sports department will tally the total number of miles and stairs that are run together as a community. The college is currently participating in a nationwide exercise challenge, the 2020 Recreation Movement, led by the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association, and is ranked eleventh among over 80 colleges and universities. Additionally, a post-race survey will allow for runners to upload photos of their own individual racecourse.

The college’s sports department reminds racers that COCC’s campuses are closed and to remember to practice social distancing and to respect any signs and rules that are displayed in the area in which they are running.

For more information, contact Joshua Motenko, assistant director of COCC’s club and intramural sports, at or 541-383-7794.