The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program provides employment opportunities to students who apply for financial aid and are eligible for the program.  Availability is based on federal fund limits.  In addition to providing income, students may acquire work experience in jobs related to their academic interests.

Many students help finance their education by securing part-time employment either on or off campus.  The FWS program gives students the opportunity to earn money while in school.  Since students work in order to receive funds from employment, this kind of assistance is considered a form of self-help aid.

FWS positions are hourly wage jobs in which a student works for a department on campus according to a mutually agreed upon schedule.  Although most jobs are located on the COCC campus, there are a limited number of jobs available at the outlying COCC Centers.  Students can work up to 10-12 hours a week but are allowed to exceed 20 hours a week only by prior approval from their supervisor and FWS Coordinator.

Unlike grants and loans, students FWS does not defer payment of tuition and fees owed to COCC.  Instead students are paid monthly for actual hours worked the previous month.  Payday is the 15th of each month for the actual hours worked during the preceding month.  Earnings from the FWS programs are subject to all applicable federal and state taxes.  Student may use their earnings toward day to day educational and living expenses.

COCC does not place student in jobs, nor can we guarantee a job.  The responsibility to get hired rests solely with the student.  However, the CAP Center and FWS Coordinator will do whatever possible to assist a student's job search.  Still have questions?  Click here for the Federal Work-Study FAQs.

Positions for the 2016-17 are now available.  Click here to view them.  

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