Spanish 102 Syllabus


PREREQUISITES: Spanish 101, One year of high school Spanish,or instructor's approval



          EXPLORACIONES 3rd Edition - Available at COCC Bookstore
                         Hard Copy Text is recommended in class.  Etext (via MINDTAP) is OK.
          Online MINDTAP Workbook activities (access code comes with the textbook at the COCC Bookstore)
          Canvas (Assignments and announcements will originate here--Grades will be posted here)
          Free ONLINE Video (Mi vida loca)

INSTRUCTOR: (Carlos) Hutchings

OFFICE HOURS: see Schedule on this site.


SPANISH 102 will pick up where Spanish 101 left off. The main focus of the class is on listening and speaking practice and your participation in all activities is crucial to your success and mandatory. Much of the class will be conducted in Spanish.

If possible, please bring a hard copy of the textbook into class.  Otherwise:

CELL PHONE USE:  Use your phone to access the textbook and/or a Spanish Dictionary.  If you are waiting for an urgent call, put the phone on vibrate and take the call outside of the classroom.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Use your tablet to access the textbook and/or a Spanish Dictionary.  But please take notes on paper and transfer them to your laptop or tablet after class.

For a more complete explanation of the expected outcomes for this class, see the Outcomes page of the COCC Foreign Languages web site.


Evaluation will be based on homework and tests (see below). Online workbook (iLrn) activities will be assigned regularly and reviewed in class occasionally.

Class time will be used to practice speaking and listening to Spanish. You will be expected to read the grammar (Orange Pages scattered throughout each chapter) on your own. You will be responsible for knowing ALL the material in the book EVEN IF IT IS NOT covered in class. This will prepare you to do well on your chapter tests.

GRADES (subject to adjustments):

300 - Vocabulary Tests: The last two pages of each chapter (100 points each chapter)
300 - Chapter Tests: (1 per chapter @ 100 points each)
300 - Assigned Homework: (100 points per chapter)
300 - Mi Vida Loca Tests: (3 @ 100 points each)
200 - Final (comprehensive)
1,400 TOTAL


                    A   =  92 - 100%
                    A-  =  90 - 91%
                    B   =  82 - 87%
                    B+ =  88 - 89%
                    B-  =  80 - 81%
                    C   =  70 - 77%
                    C+ =  78 - 79%
                    D   =  60 - 69%
                    F   =  0 - 59%

There will be NO MAKEUP TESTS! However, to accommodate an emergency, the lowest score (OTHER THAN THE FINAL) will be substituted with your Attendance/Participation score.

All you have to do for your Attendance/Participation score is... up ON TIME every day.
...NOT FALL ASLEEP in class.
...PARTICIPATE in all class activities.

If you do all that, then you will probably get a 100 point score. Otherwise, you probably wont.



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Student Insurance:
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