Vehicle Rules and Regulations

Printed copies of this information are avalible at the Information Booth located in the Boyle Education Center.


  1. All students and staff who intend to park motor vehicles on campus, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week, are required to register them and permanently affix a registration permit to the rear exterior drivers side window or drivers side bumper.

  2. For the purpose of these regulations, the term motor vehicle includes automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, motor bikes and any other motor-powered vehicles.

  3. COCC assumes no responsibility for care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time during which it is operated or parked on campus or other College property. Vehicles should be locked when parked on campus. Valuables (handbags, wallets, stereo & camera equipment, phones, etc.) should not be left in plain view inside the vehicle.

  4. The individuals to whom the permit is issued or registered shall be responsible for all parking/traffic violations of the vehicle regardless of who is operating the vehicle. The permit holder shall advise all drivers of the vehicle the policies of the College regarding campus traffic and parking particularly where the vehicle is authorized to park.

  5. A bona fide visitor is any person other than staff or students, parking a nonregistered vehicle on campus. At no time are staff and students considered visitors for purposes of parking a vehicle on campus.

  6. All state and local laws governing movement, operation, and parking of vehicles shall apply on College property. On special occasions and in emergencies, parking and traffic limitations may be imposed by the College as required by the conditions which prevail.

  7. Vehicle Accidents:
    All accidents involving moving vehicles which occur on College property must be reported immediately to the Department of Campus Public Safety.

  8. Parking and Traffic Enforcement Authority:
    Authority to establish regulations covering the policing, control and registration of motor vehicles is found in ORS 341.300.

  9. All traffic must yield to Campus Public Safety vehicles when their emergency lights are on.


  1. Available Parking Space:
    The registration of a motor vehicle does not insure availability of parking, but it does grant the privilege of parking in a specified area when space is available. A map indicating parking areas is on pages 10 and 11. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space is not considered a valid reason for violation of parking regulations. Parking is allowed in designated spaces only.

  2. Guest Zones:
    Guest zones are available at Boyle Education Center Lot G1 and Metolius Lot B15. Guests parking on campus need to display a valid Guest Parking Permit from a College department office. Guest permits will be displayed on the drivers side of the vehicle dashboard. Campus visits by 20 or more guests should be reported to the Campus Public Safety office prior to their arrival. A guest is a person who is not a student, staff, or faculty member.

  3. Staff and Student Parking Areas:
    These parking areas are indicated by parking signs and by designations on the campus map. Each person driving a vehicle on campus is responsible for becoming familiar with the map and the proper parking areas. Students are excluded from parking in any lot, area or space unless it is designated for students.

  4. Loading/Unloading:
    Faculty parking areas may be used by vehicles to temporarily park while loading, if not blocking driveways or other vehicles, or parked in a red zone or an ADA marked stall. Loading/unloading is limited to 10 minutes. Persons using these areas must leave flashing lights on to indicate loading to the traffic officer. Vehicles used for loading/unloading without the use of flashers and/or exceeding 10 minutes will be cited.

  5. Residence Hall Parking:
    Reserved parking is available for Residence Hall residents around the Residence Hall. Residents should obtain a special student parking permit stamped with the letter R to park in this area.

  6. Additional Prohibited Parking:
    1. Along curb areas anywhere on campus other than designated parking spaces.
    2. Fire Zones, no parking zones, zones for disabled parking, red curbs and yellow curbs.
    3. Non-designated parking areas (non-paved or graveled areas, - excluding B12 - landscaped areas, painted walkways, etc.).
    4. Other illegal parking as designated on the campus map or by signs and painted areas.
    5. No parking on roadways or natural areas.

  7. Abandoned Vehicles:
    Vehicles remaining on College property more than 48 hours may be removed at owners expense. If a vehicle becomes inoperable, or to request permission for parking overnight, on campus notify the Department of Campus Public Safety at 541-383-7272.

  8. College Way:
    College Way is a city street and is governed by city traffic laws. Citations received for violations on College Way are payable to the City of Bend Police Department. Reduce speed when negotiating speed bumps on College Way. Pedestrian zones are restricted 24 hours a day.

    ADA Parking:
    ADA spaces are available for anyone with state disabled license plates/state ADA parking permit when used lawfully. Vehicles displaying these plates/ permits must be driven by the disabled person or have the disabled person as a passenger. These vehicles are subject to the same parking rules and regulations when not parked in a parking space/area designated for disabled persons or other parking as authorized by the state of Oregon. Temporary permits issued by the College do not allow for parking in ADA marked stalls.

  9. Carpool Parking:
    Reserved carpool parking spaces are available for anyone who registers with the program through the Department of Campus Public Safety. When parked in a designated carpool space, the vehicle must be registered through the Department of Campus Public Safetys carpool program, registered with a valid and properly displayed Central Oregon Community College issued carpool parking permit, and at least two people must arrive in the car at the time it is parked in the carpool space. Carpool spaces in staff parking lots reverts to regular staff parking, when the space is open after 9:30 a.m. Monday-Friday.

  10. Bicycle Parking:
    Bicycle racks are provided at the following locations:
    Boyle Education Center
    Culinary Institute
    Health Careers Center
    Mazama Recreation Center
    Metolius Hall, north of parking lot
    Pence Hall
    Pioneer Hall
    Ponderosa Hall
    Residence Hall
    Science Center

    No permit is required, but licenses for theft prevention are recommended and may be obtained from the City of Bend Police Department.

  11. Motorcycle Parking:
    A limited number of motorcycle parking spaces are available at:
    Alpine Way
    Grandview Hall
    Metolius Hall
    Newberry Hall
    Ponderosa Hall
    B6 parking lot
    B9 parking lot
    B15 parking lot

  12. Vehicle maintenance in the parking lots is not permitted.

  13. COCC is not permitted to provide unlocks to any motor vehicle.

  14. If you have special parking needs on a short- or long-term basis, please notify the Department of Campus Public Safety.

  15. Overnight parking, other than for Residence Hall residents, is not permitted unless authorized by the Department of Campus Public Safety.
  16. Vehicles may not be parked on any roadway, or outside of a marked stall in parking lots unless indicated.

  17. Time mismanagement is one of the primary reasons for illegal parking on campus. Please allow enough time to find a legal parking space. Being late is not considered a valid reason for violation of parking regulations.


  1. Parked in a staff lot
    No vehicle shall be parked in a designated staff parking lot, during posted staf or faculty only parking hours without a staff, service or authorized temporary parking permit. (Section 1)

  2. Student or staff parked in visitor parking space
    No vehicle shall be parked in a visitor parking stall with a student or staf parking permit displayed, unless they have displayed an authorized, temporary parking permit. (Section 2)

  3. Parked in yellow zone
    No vehicle shall be parked in a designated, marked, yellow zone. (Section 3)

  4. Parked in a fire lane
    No vehicle shall be parked in an area designated as fire lane by signs or curb markings. (Section 4)

  5. Failure to register vehicle or display decal (permit)
    No vehicle shall be parked in a parking lot designated as permit require without a current, valid COCC parking permit, properly displayed. (Section 5)

  6. No vehicle shall be parked in an area that is not authorized for parking.
    (Section 6)

  7. No vehicle shall be parked as to obstruct the normal flow of traffic in parking lots and roadways. (Section 7)

  8. No vehicle or person shall disobey a traffic control device. (Section 9)

  9. COCC parking permit shall be displayed as required, in the authorized locatio on the vehicle, as stated in the parking and traffic regulations. (Section 11)

  10. No COCC parking permit shall be displayed on a vehicle for which it is not issued. (Section 12)

  11. No vehicle shall be parked that is in violation of ordinances, state law or where prohibited by signs, markings or other traffic control devices. (Section 13)

  12. No vehicle shall be parked in the roadway, unless authorized. (Section 14)

  13. No vehicle shall be parked in more than one parking space at any one time, without authorization from College official. (Section 15)

  14. No vehicle shall be parked more than 18 from the wheels to the curb.
    (Section 16)

  15. No vehicle shall be parked in a landscaped or natural area, not designated or authorized for parking. (Section 17)

  16. All vehicles parked in resident only parking must display a resident parking permit or authorized, temporary parking permit. (Section 18)

  17. Vehicles displaying a residential parking permit are not to park in the Grandview parking lots unless authorized due to road conditions preventin access to designated residential parking. (Section 19)

  18. No vehicle shall be parked on campus after the designated closing time of campus unless authorized or parked in a residential parking lot wit appropriate permit or authorized by Campus Public Safety. (Section 20)

  19. No vehicle shall be parked in a designated red zone. (Section 21)

  20. No vehicle shall be parked in front of fire hydrant. (Section 22)

  21. No vehicle shall be parked in an ADA space without a valid, current, state issued permit, license or placard, that is lawfully displayed. (Section 23)

  22. No vehicle shall be parked in an ADA designated loading area adjacent to an ADA parking stall (hash marks). (Section 24)

  23. No parking under building eaves or immediately next to buildings and structures unless clearly marked as a parking space. (Section 25).


  1. Failure to come to a complete stop at a marked stop sign. (Section 51)

  2. No person shall drive on a roadway against the designated flow of traffic. (Section 52)

  3. No person shall disobey a traffic control device. (Section 53)

  4. No person shall exceed the designated speeds in parking lots and roadways or drive beyond the speed safe for roadway and traffic conditions. (Section 54)

  5. No person shall apply their vehicle horn unless used as authorized by Oregon state law. (Section 55)

  6. No vehicle shall be operated on campus that emits excessive noise as stipulated in state law and causes a disturbance to the peace of the campus. (Section 56)

  7. No person shall operate a vehicle in a reckless manner that endangers the safety of other drivers, pedestrians or the property of others. (Section 57)

  8. No person shall operate their vehicle in a manner that purposely causes audible tire friction for the purpose of demonstration or disturbing the peace of others. (Section 58)

  9. No vehicle shall be operated during hours of darkness without state required lighting. (Section 59)

  10. Failure to yield to a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk. (Section 60)

  11. Received five or more parking or traffic violations in the academic year. This penalty is assessed at time of fifth and subsequent violations. Violations that are waived through appeals process or administrative void do not count. (Section 61) 8

  12. Unlawful use of ADA placard or permit as defined by the State of Oregon, Department of Motor Vehicles. (Section 62)

  13. Failure to yield or move from the path of a Campus Public Safety emergency vehicle when emergency lights and/or siren are activated. (In reference to ORS 811.145) (Section 64)

  14. All drivers are required to follow State of Oregon driving laws while on campus, laws that are not addressed in separate College policies are hereby enforced. (Section 65)

  15. No unauthorized person shall move, change, drive into or beyond any area temporarily designated as closed or with other traffic direction as indicated by a temporary traffic control device such as traffic cones, barricades or signs. (Section 66)

  16. Upon activation of caution lights and display of lighted stop sign on a campus shuttle bus, motorists approaching from in front and behind the bus shall stop until the driver deactivates the lights and stop sign. (Section 67)


  1. Permits are required 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week in permit required lots.

  2. Staff and students must register all vehicles brought onto campus.

  3. Permits for students are free and may be obtained at the following locations: inside of the Boyle Education Center; Admissions and Records, the Information booth, Department of Campus Public Safety or Redmond and Madras campuses. All permits, including faculty, may be obtained at the Department of Campus Public Safety, Boyle 161.

  4. New license numbers obtained for vehicles already registered need to be reported to the Department of Campus Public Safety office within three working (3) days after placing the new plates on the vehicles.

  5. Location of Permit:
    Permits are to be permanently affixed to the exterior of motor vehicles so that they are clearly visible on the drivers side rear bumper or window. Motorcycles and motor scooters must have the permit permanently affixed in such a manner that it can be easily seen. (Note: permits may later be removed with a hair dryer or cleaning solution.)

  6. Failure to display a parking permit and the improper display of permits constitutes a violation by the operator of the vehicle. Taping or clipping of the permit to the vehicle is not considered permanently displayed.

  7. Should a parking permit become mutilated or obliterated in any way, a new vehicle permit must be obtained.

  8. Parking permits are not transferrable from person to person nor vehicle to vehicle. If a vehicle is sold, traded or becomes inoperable, it is important to remove the permit and contact the Department of Campus Public Safety for a new permit within 24 hours.

  9. Registering your vehicle not only is required but helps College personnel monitor who parks on the campus, which contributes to the safety of everyone 9 on campus. Also, should there be an emergency with your vehicle or if you need to be contacted, you can be located through your parking permit.

  10. Temporary permits are available for visitors, staff or students when not using a permitted vehicle. Contact Campus Public Safety for further details.

  11. Limited duration/ALL Lot permits may be issued by the Campus Public Safety department. Please contact Campus Public Safety for further details

VI. Carpool Rules and Regulations

  1. Purpose:
    Central Oregon Community College has established a carpool program to provide incentives to faculty, students, and staff that choose to carpool to campus. The carpool program will aid in the reduction of the Colleges carbon footprint while lessening the financial burden of commuting. In addition, the carpool program is designed to reduce overcrowding in staff, student, and visitor lots, as well as minimizing campus traffic and congestion. All persons both registered and participating in the carpool program are expected to understand and follow the Carpool Rules and Regulations in addition to COCCs Parking Rules and Regulations located at Parking-on-Campus.

  2. Establishing a Carpool:
    Members are responsible for finding their own carpool partners. Every carpool consisting of two or more members - must select a coordinator responsible for establishing and organizing their individual carpool. This person will serve as the point of contact for Campus Public Safety.

    Each Carpool group must submit a completed Carpool Parking Permit Agreement to the Office of Public Safety before hang tags (permits) will be issued to the participants, and before the participants may use the reserved Carpool spaces on campus.

    Registered carpool participants transporting two or more registered carpoolers may park in any reserved Carpooling space on any of the COCC campuses. The reserved Carpool spaces are reserved for registered carpoolers from 7am to 9:30am. Any Carpool space that remains vacant after 9:30 a.m., reverts to a COCC permitted space that can be used by any employee for the remainder of the day.

  3. Regulations:
    When parked in a designated carpool space the vehicle must be registered through Campus Public Safetys carpool program, registered with a valid Central Oregon Community College parking permit, and at least two people must arrive in the car at the time it is parked in the carpool space. In the event a participant is traveling singly, the carpool permit and parking space are not valid.

  4. Traveling Alone:
    In the event that a Carpool participant does not meet the minimum requirement of two people sharing in their commute on any given day, the participant is not permitted to park in a reserved Carpool space. Using the hanging tag to park in a carpool space when traveling alone defies the spirit of the program and is grounds for immediate loss of privileges and subsequent parking fines


  1. Citations or State Violations will be issued for failure to comply with these regulations.

  2. The Registrar will be asked to withhold registration materials or transcripts of students who have failed to meet their financial obligations to the College, including non-payment of traffic and parking citations. Unpaid accounts may also be sent to the Oregon Department of Revenue for collection.

  3. Impounding and Towing:
    A vehicle owner/operator who receives three (3) traffic/parking citations, paid or unpaid, within the academic year is subject to impoundment or towing of the vehicle and may not be allowed to park on campus for the remainder of the year. Vehicles are towed away at the expense of the owner/operator. The owner/ operator may also be subject to a student conduct hearing..

  4. Payment and Appeal of Citations:
    All penalties for violations must be paid at Admissions and Records, Boyle Education Center. Citations become delinquent seven (7) working days after issuance. Violators may mail payment (ticket must be included) for fines directly to the Cashier, Boyle Education Center, 2600 NW College Way, Bend, OR 97703. Fines may be reduced if paid within seven (7) working days by $5 per citation.


  1. All COCC citations issued to persons may be appealed to the Citation Appeals Committee. City citations must be appealed to the Bend Municipal Court.

  2. Appeals of Citation:
    The Citation Appeals Board has the responsibility of adjudicating most (city citations excluded) traffic, parking, and policy citation appeals. If you believe the citation you received was unfair, or that there were extenuating circumstances which should be considered, you have the right to appeal your citation. Appeal forms are available at the Department of Campus Public Safety; the ASCOCC Student Government office in the Coats Campus Center; or the Admissions and Records office or the information booth, located in the Boyle Education Center. Forms may also be obtained online by visiting the Department of Campus Public Safety

Appeals Procedure is as follows:

  1. Obtain an official appeals form at one of the previously listed offices.
  2. Fill it out completely. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  3. Attach a legible copy of the citation to the appeals form.
  4. Keep a photocopy of the citation and the appeals form for your own records.
  5. File the completed appeal forms at the College information booth or the Department of Campus Public Safety located in the Boyle Education Center.
  6. COCCs Citation Appeals Board will review all appeals received. If you wish to be present, indicate so on your appeals form, and the appeals board will set up an appointment.
  7. The Citation Appeals Committee will notify you by mail of their decision within 2 weeks (14 days) of review.
  8. You are encouraged to pay your fine within seven days of issuance in order to take advantage of the reduction in charges ($5 off total citation). If your appeal is approved, your payment will be refunded by the cashier.
  9. All fines must be paid or resolved prior to registration periods or you will not be allowed to register for the following term.
  10. All fines must be paid at the Admissions and Records Office, Boyle Education Center, during regular business hours or by mail.
  11. The Citation Appeals Committee decision is final.


  1. If, at anytime, you have questions about parking rules and regulations contact the Department of Campus Public Safety at 541-383-7272.

  2. Winter driving on ice and in snow can be a real challenge on COCCs campuses. The Department of Campus Public Safety has information about winter driving that may help you.

  3. This is your campus, and we want your experience here to be a pleasant one. Please report any suspicious activity and any safety hazards immediately. We ask for your participation in keeping a safe campus. In an emergency, remember to always call 9-1-1 first.

  4. Vehicles towing trailers (i.e. flatbed, campers, boats, etc.) or oversized vehicles may park only at the northern-most end of Cascades Hall and Library lots (Lots D4 and C6 on the enclosed map).

  5. All staff and students are required to obtain college issued, picture identification. Identification cards may be obtained at the information booth in the Boyle Education Center and Building 3 on the Redmond Campus.


  1. Weapons
    No weapons. Firearms and dangerous weapons are prohibited on campus, including in vehicles. [per ORS 161.015(1)(2), ORS 166.360, ORS 166.370.]

  2. Enforcement of Smoking Policy
    Campus Public Safety Officers are authorized under College policy to enforce smoking restrictions on College property. Smoking is permitted only in parking lots or designated areas and must be at least 25 feet from any building. Citations may be issued for violations of this policy. E-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and any other forms of nicotine are prohibited.

  3. Alcohol
    Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on campus unless authorized by the Office of the President.

  4. Traffic, Parking and Policy Enforcement
    Campus Public Safety Officers are empowered under authority of the Oregon Revised Statutes and Central Oregon Community College Board Policies to enforce parking, traffic and policy violations. Enforcement may include issuance of a citation with monetary fine. Listed below are the Colleges parking, traffic and policy sections that are enforced with the authority to issue monetary fine citations. Please be familiar with these important rules as well as the Colleges Student Code of Conduct when on College property.

  5. Fireworks
    Fireworks are not permitted anywhere on College Property.

  6. Pets on Campus
    Pets are not allowed anywhere on campus, including in vehicles. Certified service animals and animals authorized through the Veterinary Technician program management are exempt. If you do not have current state issued service animal credentials and are in need of having a pet on campus for medical purposes, you may submit a request for approval through the Office of Disability Services, located in the Boyle Education Center (541) 383-7583.

  7. Bicycles
    May not be ridden on pathways, hallways or corridors.

  8. Skateboarding, Rollerblading and Roller-skating
    Not allowed to be used anywhere on College property.

  9. Snowboards / Skis
    Not allowed to be used anywhere on College property.

  10. Disc Golf Course
    All policies and regulations of the College apply to the Disc Golf Course including, but not limited to: No pets, no alcohol and no weapons. The Disc Golf Course may also have seasonal closures due to fire conditions. Persons on the course during closed periods are subject to citation.

  11. Sales on College Property
    Sales of any materials by persons, businesses or groups other than COCC departments or authorized sellers is prohibited. Contact the Department of College Relations to request approval for sales of items on College property (541) 383-7596.

  12. Distribution of Solicitation Materials
    Solicitation materials may not be distributed on campus, or placed on vehicles, without approval of the Department of College Relations 541-383-7596. (Section 87)

  13. Unlawful to remain in a building upon activation of a fire alarm. (Section 83)

  14. Smoking on College property during campus wide ban, due to fire restrictions is prohibited. (Section 89)

  15. Depositing, leaving, throwing, posting items on campus other than in appropriate trash receptacles is prohibited. (Section 90) 15

  16. The unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs or prescription medication not prescribed to the possessor and/or possession of paraphernalia used for the ingestion, injection or inhalation of an illicit drug is prohibited on COCC property and grounds. (Section 91)

  17. Fire escapes, ground-level fire doors, fire hoses, extinguishers, and alarm equipment are to be used only as emergency devices. Blocking of fire exits or other means of impeding traffic is prohibited. Abuse, tampering with fire detection or alarm devices, or misuse of fire extinguishing equipment is prohibited. (Section 92)

  18. Unlawful to interfere with an investigation or enforcement action being conducted by a Campus Public Safety Officer or failure to follow the lawful direction provided by a Campus Public Safety Officer. (Section 94)

  19. A person commits the offence of disorderly conduct if they are intoxicated to a point that they are causing a disturbance to the peaceful and educational operations of the College or causes unreasonable noise that disturbs the peaceful and educational operations of the College or engages in fighting or in violent, tumultuous or threatening behavior or obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic on a public way or creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which the person is not licensed or privileged to do (as referenced in ORS 166.025). (Section 95)

  20. No unauthorized person shall enter an area designated as closed by College officials.


The use of unmanned aerial technology is an emerging issue for colleges. The potential for privacy violations, crashes, disruption to the campus environment, and even weaponized uses underscores the need for Campus Public Safety to have policy in place to support enforcement actions. While commercial use of unmanned aeiral systems (UASs) may lie in the near future, CPS has already contacted private individuals operating from campus. This policy will have to evolve with the technological realities related to UAS, but will give needed direction to CPS and the campus community.

This policy applies to any student, staff, visitor, or community member operating unmanned aerial vehicles on or above the campus without proper permission. This policy does not apply to official, UAS education programs of COCC.

Use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or systems (UAS) from, on, or above COCC college property is prohibited without prior, written approval from the President or his or her designee.

Unmanned aerial vehicles can create safety and privacy risks that are disruptive to the campus environment. These procedures should be followed to ensure compliance with the policy:

  1. All requests to use or operate unmanned aerial vehicles or systems from, on, or above COCC college property should be directed, at least 24 hours in advance, to the Campus Public Safety department via the online request form located on the CPS webpage.

  2. Campus Public Safety will respond to and investigate incidents involving the use of UAVs or UASs and may refer cases to local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies on a case by case basis.

  3. Monetary fines or disciplinary action may be imposed by the college.
    1. Initial violation $50.00 (other citations may be issued if other violations were committed).
    2. Additional UAS policy violations double the amount of the initial citation upon each subsequent violation
  4. Downed UAVs may be recovered by campus public safety and held as found property or turned over to law enforcement agencies if there is evidence of criminal activity, including unlawful audio or video recording, distribution of illegal substances, or weaponized usage.

  5. Commercial UAS services on campus must also be pre-approved through Campus Public Safety


Reporting incidents that occurred on campus to the appropriate authorities is important and will help Campus Public Safety to identify concerns on campus, improve safety and continue to keep our College community safe.

  1. Traffic Accidents
    If there are injuries requiring immediate medical attention, dial 9-1-1, then report to Campus Public Safety at (541) 383-7272.

    If there are no injuries and the vehicles may be moved without the assistance of a tow truck, pull the vehicles to the side of the road and allow traffic to flow freely.

    Report the incident to Campus Public Safety who will dispatch an officer for a report. A copy of the report may be obtained from the Campus Public Safety Department by the involved parties after 3 business days. Contact the Campus Public Safety Department at (541) 383-7272 or visit us at Boyle Education Center, room 161. Persons requesting a copy of the report must provide proof of identity.

  2. All Other Crimes and Incidents
    Keep safe and do not put yourself in danger! Serve as a good witness when possible and report any crimes, suspicious happenings or incidents immediately to the Department of Campus Public Safety (541) 383-7272. If there is a crime in progress and/or persons in danger dial 9-1-1, then call Campus Public Safety (541) 383-7272. You may also notify Campus Public Safety via one of the Code Blue Emergency towers or emergency phones located throughout campus.

  3. Lost or Found Property
    The lost and found department is located in the Campus Center Building. Contact the Office of Student Life or a building attendant to obtain or search for found property. If reporting missing or stolen property, contact the Campus Public Safety Department at (541) 383-7272.