New College Algebra Seminar


What is this course?

MTH 099 – College Algebra Seminar is a course you take at the same time as College Algebra (Math 111).  College Algebra moves quickly and will assume you have strong pre-requisite knowledge about the topics.

This can be tough if you are new to college-level math or find learning math a challenge.

This small class will be an active learning environment where you can have additional time to work on the skills and concepts needed to succeed in Math 111!  We will work on math-based content as well as study skills.  The focus is on supporting you to do well in College Algebra, not to add to your workload.  Activities will be completed during class time or will directly relate to your assignments for Math 111. 

Come join a supportive, small-group environment designed to help you meet your math goals! 

  • 1 Credit, pass/no pass
  • Meets 2 hours per week
  • To be taken in the same term as Math 111, with the same instructor

Who should register for College Algebra Seminar?

College Algebra Workshop is open to any student enrolled in Math 111, however you should definitely consider taking this seminar if you:

  • Passed Math 95 with a grade of “C”
  • Previously attempted Math 111 but were unsuccessful
  • Placed into Level 18 and Math 111 will be your first math class at COCC
  • Placed into Level 18 but you are anxious about your readiness for this level of math

2 sections offered in Winter 2023:

  • MTH 099 CRN 15378 - TR 1:00-2:00pm in-person, Bend campus
    (must enroll in MTH 111 CRN 15377TR 8:00-10:00am, in-person, Bend campus)
  • MTH 099 CRN 15380 – TR 3:15-4:15pm, Remote
    (must enroll in MTH 111 CRN 15379 – TR 10:15am-12:15pm, Remote)



Contact any of the following math faculty: