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Calculator Basics Handout Calculator Basics Answers

Delete and Insert Handout

Delete and Insert Video

Using Good Parentheses Handout  

What if your calculator acts weird Handout

What if your calculator acts weird? Video             

Scientific Notation Handout Scientific Notation Answers
Checking Answers to Equations Handout Checking Answers to Equations Answers
Graphing Basics Handout                                                                                                Graphing Basics Answers                                 
Using the Table Handout Using the Table Answers

Finding Maximums and Minimums Handout

Finding Maximums and Minimums Video

Finding Maximums and Minimums Answers

Finding Intersections Handout

Finding Intersections Video

Finding Intersections Answers

Finding x-intercepts (zeros) Handout

Finding x-intercepts (zeros) Video

Finding x-intercepts (zeros) Answers
Solving Equations by Graphing Handout Solving Equations by Graphing Answers
Data to Equations (Regressions) Handout  
Quadratic Formula Handout  
Calculator Pictures Handout Calculator Pictures Answers