Vending Machine

To Buy a COCC Print Card
     (If you have a COCC Student ID, you can skip these steps)


          1.  Locate the Vending Machine in the Pioneer, Library, Cascades or Redmond computer lab.
          2.  Press the buy a card Pushbutton.
          3.  Insert a $1 bill.
          4.  Retrieve your new card from the card dispenser. (.50 of your purchase goes toward the cost of the card)  

       Vending Machine Box

To Add Value to a COCC Print Card or Student ID

          1.  Insert print card.
          2.  Insert $1, $5, $10, or $20 bill.  (the machine does not give back change) ($20 limit)
          3.  Press button to return/eject card.

          ********NO REFUNDS will be given for money lost or unused on cards********