Single Sign-On FAQ

How do i know if the password reset email is legitimate?

Password reset reminders come from "ITS InfoSec Admin" from the COCC email However, if you are unsure if the email reminding you to change your password is real or not please feel free to contact the Computers Labs.

*This email only provides directions for resetting your password and does not ask for self-identifying information.

How are COCC Accounts Created?

All Credit, College Now, and ABE students will receive access to the COCC network, email, Bobcat, and Canvas within two business days of being admitted to COCC. Student accounts are deactivated if a year passes without enrollment in a credit course.

Eligible Faculty and Staff will receive access after they have completed On-Boarding with Human Resources. Staff accounts are deactivated at the conclusion of their employment contract with Human Resources.

What if I Need to Change My Name?

If you need to change the name on your technology account, you will should contact the Enrollment Services department. IT will then be notified once the Enrollment Services name change process is complete and update your account name.

NOTE: Student email addresses do not automatically change when your name is changed with Enrollment Services. Email address will only change if a request is made. 

*Staff will need to contact Human Resources. 

How Often Do I Need to Change my Password?

A password change is required every six months. You will get a reminder email from ITS daily until you have changed your password.