Printing Steps

How to Print a Document

  1. Print your document(s) from a computer within the Computer Lab, or from your personal device over the wireless (see Wireless Printing). For the printer, select "PIO200 Laser" for black and white ($0.05 per page) or "PIO200 Color" for color ($0.15 per page).
    • Use double-sided printing to save $0.01 for every other page. (E.g., two one-sided black-and-white pages cost $0.10; one double-sided black-and-white page costs $0.09.)
  2. Release your print job from the GoPrint computer by the main entrance.
    1. Touch your username on the left side of the screen. GoPrint Username
    2. Touch your print job(s) in the list to select them.
      GoPrint Job 1
    3. Touch "Continue" on the bottom right of the screen.
      GoPrint Job 2
    4. Place your COCC ID or print card into the reader to the right of the computer. The available funds on your card will show in the blue box on the top right of the screen. The total price of your print job will display at the bottom of the screen.
      GoPrint Card 1
    5. Touch "Click to Print" on the bottom right of the screen. Your job will begin printing from the printer you selected. GoPrint Card 2

If you have difficulties with the printers, ask for assistance at the Attendant Desk. The Lab is not responsible for user errors or malfunctions and will not refund printing money for any reason.