OneDrive Cloud Storage

In Microsoft Office products you are given options when saving files. The options available include direct links to the online storage provided by Microsoft called OneDrive. Notice that there are multiple OneDrive options listed in this example. Please read to understand the differences and how these can be used.

  • The first option - "Sites-Central Oregon Community College" - should not be used - this is not currently available to students.
  • The second option - "OneDrive-Central Oregon Community College" - links to your personal student COCC OneDrive account that is connected with your COCC login. We recommend using this option if you want to save your files to your personal COCC OneDrive account.
  • The third option - "OneDrive" - links to any other OneDrive account you may have that is not affiliated with COCC. You may use this option if you have another non-COCC OneDrive account. It will ask you to setup your account to gain access for saving files.
  • The Computer image is for the physical computer you are using, usually the C: drive. This was the default save option in previous versions of the Office programs. You can also select the different media locations (thumb drive or CD/DVD drives). To save to the College server choose your My Documents folder.
  • The final image of a green plus sign is for adding a new location shortcut. The options are limited to locations you have already opened or saved to, from the Office program.

You may notice that the tabs are no longer visible. If you are in this screen by accident, simply click on the arrow image on the top left hand corner of the screen to go back to the previous screen/tab

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