OneDrive Cloud Storage

OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud service that lets you store your files, share them with others, and get to them from anywhere on any Windows, Apple or Android device. OneDrive is a part of the Microsoft cloud ecosystem and shares storage space with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Recommended Usage

OneDrive is COCC’s recommended cloud storage solution and is a great option when you need to:

  • Share or transfer a large file between two people.
  • Move files between two computers without the risks associated with maintaining the data on a removable storage device.
    • Thumb drive, USB hard drive, etc.
  • Need additional storage for files.


While OneDrive is available from any browser in the Microsoft Cloud by signing into your COCC Microsoft 365 account, you can also download OneDrive to your Desktop here.



Quick 'How To' Videos

Get Started with OneDrive Get Started with OneDrive - Microsoft

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using OneDrive with BlackboardUsing OneDrive with Canvas - eLearning

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much storage comes with OneDrive?
    COCC OneDrive accounts come with access to 1TB of storage.  It should be noted that this 1TB of storage is shared across the entire Microsoft cloud ecosystem, including SharePoint and Teams.  So, if you upload a picture or word document to Microsoft Teams, it counts towards this 1TB of storage.
  • Why would I use OneDrive?
    OneDrive is recommended for storing files to the cloud when working on a public computer, for moving files between two computers, when collaborating with other users remotely, for storing non-essential documents and for sharing large files that may be too big to send by e-mail.  OneDrive cloud storage is a great alternative to using a USB or removable hard drive, which can get damaged, lost or stolen. However, please do not use OneDrive to store files that contain confidential or personally identifiable information (PII) or for files that are considered business critical as COCC does not control the Microsoft cloud or back-up OneDrive files to our servers.
  • What about Google Drive or DropBox?
    COCC recommends OneDrive for your cloud storage and collaboration needs.  Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage is licensed to COCC and integrated with your COCC e-mail address and password. 
  • How is OneDrive for work or school different from OneDrive for home?
    The OneDrive app you use to access files from your Android or iOS device is the same for work, school or home.  The only difference is that you sign in with your COCC account to use OneDrive for COCC (One Drive – Oregon Community College) and you would sign in with your personal Microsoft account to use OneDrive at home for personal use.