Account Management

The below account information relates to how the various accounts used at COCC are managed.

Student Account Creation

Credit (incl College Now) and ABE students receive network, email and Blackboard accounts as soon as they apply or register for classes. These accounts are then removed based upon eligibility. See Eligibility for Student Network Account for more information.

Eligibility for Student Network/Email Account

Student network/email accounts will be deleted if the student does not attend for one year. A student is considered to be "attending" if they are enrolled in at least one COCC credit class or in one OSU-Cascades class.

Students will always receive a warning email before their COCC Student Network Account is deleted. The student will have two weeks after receiving this message in which to retrieve any data or email they wish to save.

The College has the right to prescribe a deviation from the above guidelines.

Student Name Changes

Students needing a name change should contact the Enrollment Services department.

NOTE: Student email addresses do not automatically change when they have changed their name with Enrollment Services. Email address changes will be made on a case-by-case basis when the student requests it through the Enrollment Services department.

Blocking Student Account Usage

If use of an existing student account must be immediately blocked, COCC Student Life department (x7590) must be involved and therefore show approval of this action by contacting the ITS department (x7770) to request the change. Student Life is then responsible for communicating the appropriate information to the student.