Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) at COCC

CCSSE is a national survey effort that provides information about effective educational practice in community colleges and assists institutions in using that information to promote improvements in student learning and persistence. Student engagement, or the amount of time and energy that students invest in meaningful educational practices, is the underlying foundation for CCSSE's work. CCSSE Survey instrument is designed to capture student engagement as a measure of institutional quality. COCC participates in CCSSE once every three years, most recently in Spring 2021.


Link to CCSSE results
The image above links to an interactive tool to view results for
COCC and compare those student results to other similar student data.


COCC Key Findings by Year - Benchmark overview, aspects of highest and lowest student engagement, special-focus items and faculty survey results

2021 - CCSSE Executive Summary of Results 

2017 - CCSSE Key Findings from Spring 2017

2014 - CCSSE Key Findings from Spring 2014.

2011 - CCSSE Key Findings from Spring 2011.


Updated: 01/07/2019