Job Vacancies

COCC only accepts applications for open-posted positions and only retains applications for 2 years from the application date.

COCC employees must work and reside in the state of Oregon at the time their work is being performed.

Other employment opportunities

Starting Wage/Salary Range:
In an effort to be as transparent as possible, please note that the starting wage/salary ranges listed in our position postings are based on a thorough analysis of COCC’s pay equity, current budget, and specific employee group contracts.  Thus, these ranges are fixed as noted in the posting and non-negotiable.  The wage/salary schedules on the College website are used for internal purposes, and should not be interpreted as a means of negotiating starting pay during the recruitment process. 

Computer Literacy:
All College faculty, administrators, and staff whose jobs would benefit are expected to have or commit to acquiring significant computer literacy. At the very least, this means ability to manage files, use e-mail and conferencing, use a spreadsheet such as Excel, use Word or an equivalent sophisticated word processing software. Additionally, employees will be expected to use the Internet and to integrate multimedia applications into classroom use when appropriate.

Equivalency when applying for positions:
The College recognizes the value of skills and knowledge gained outside of formal higher education and paid employment. Applicants who do not meet the qualifications indicated in the job posting, but present other qualifications or experience equivalent to those required will be considered and are encouraged to apply. To qualify under equivalency, applicants must complete the equivalency question within the application. The equivalency statement should include supporting evidence to substantiate alternative qualifications.

Veterans Notice:
Qualifying veterans and disabled veterans may obtain additional consideration during the COCC employment process under ORS 408.230 and 408.225: OAR 839-006-435 to 839-006-0470, by submitting (during the online application process) a copy of the Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, DD Form 214 and 215 (215 if applicable) or certification they expect to be honorably discharged from the military within 120 days of certifying veteran status on a job application.  Character of Service field must list HONORABLE for the most recent separation from the military.  Disabled veterans must also submit a copy of their veterans disability preference letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs, unless the information is included on the DD 214 and DD 215 (if DD 215 submitted).

Our HR team is available to answer questions at every step of your application process.

Crime Reports:
Clery Act Campus Crime and Safety Reports are published on behalf of Central Oregon Community College in support of the Federal Campus Crime Reporting Act of 1999.

Central Oregon Community College has a well defined and financially supported commitment to professional improvement. The College will require the successful candidate to make steady progress toward appropriate professional goals.