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lnformation on our Canvas migration. Check here for regular updates!

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We're moving! Canvas migration begins Spring 2021

Guides and Resources

Useful information on how to get started with the transition.

Faculty Resources

Spring Cleaning

Canvas Community

Learning the Interface

Student Resources

Canvas 101

Canvas Mobile App

Navigating Your Classes

Get Help!

COCC eLearning

COCC Student Tech Support

24/7 Canvas Support

Training Calendar - Upcoming Events

See here our list of upcoming training events. Some will be given by eLearning, some by your peers, and some from the experts at Canvas.


Book Training with eLearning

eLearning staff is available for customized group and individual training sessions - just send us an email at to book time with us! We can meet virtually through Zoom, at our Resource Center in LIB008, or in a conference room of your choice (starting August 2nd).




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