Youth Programs

Looking for Summer Youth Camps? Visit our Summer Youth Camp@COCC webpage - Registration is Open!

We offer a variety of youth programs throughout the year as well as Youth Camp@COCC during the summer.

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To register, click on class title or call 541.383.7270.

NEW! Youth Program: Junior Pastry Chef Series - Cookies, Cakes, and Pies, Oh My!         
Have fun after school in this five-week course and learn to make an array of cookies, cakes and pies. Emphasis will be placed on baking and pastry techniques as well as kitchen skills including safety, time management, organization and more. Join Chef Katie and make and eat some yummy treats. For students ages 10-14.                    
Katie Fuller                      Bend CUL 116                     $249     
10/2 to 10/30 W               3:00pm-5:30pm

NEW! Youth Program: Classic French Cookies - Macaroons and Madeleines       
Learn how to make beautiful and delicious French cookies and impress your friends! Students will construct a meringue and learn how to pipe perfect macaroon rounds and make two different fillings: a lemon curd and ganache. In addition, students will make buttery Madeleine cookies dipped in chocolate. For students ages 10-14.
Katie Fuller         Bend CUL 116                     $89       
10/6 Su              10:00am-2:00pm

Youth Program: Bagels & Biscuits            
Bagels and biscuits are just as fun to make, as they are to eat! Discover the secret to baking a deliciously soft and chewy bagel. Once your bagels are baked, top them with an array of options. This is a great time to get creative and think outside the box. Students will also learn to bake melt-in-your mouth, savory cheese biscuits. For students ages 10-14.
Katie Fuller         Bend CUL 116                     $89       
10/20 Su            10:00am-2:00pm

NEW! Youth Program: Halloween Treats             
Join Chef Katie and get into the Halloween spirit! Learn to bake cupcakes decorated with owls, pumpkins, and chocolate spider webs. Students will also learn to make delicious caramel apples. For students ages 10-14.            
Katie Fuller         Bend CUL 116                     $89       
10/27 Su            10:00am-2:00pm

NEW! Youth Program: Holiday Treats for Giving
Students will learn how to make a variety of candies that they can give to family and friends for the holidays. Recipes will including soft buttery caramels, truffles and peppermint bark. Wrapped up in pretty boxes, these candies make a beautiful and special gift. For students ages 10-14.           
Katie Fuller         Bend CUL 116                     $89       
12/1 Su              10:00am-2:00pm

Youth Program: Safe Sitter® Essentials with CPR  - Waitlist Only       
COCC has partnered with Safe Sitter® to prepare you to be safe when you are home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting. This course also teaches skills in first aid, choking infant/child rescue, and infant/child CPR through hands-on practice.  For students ages 11-15.       
Rita Hodge           Redmond RDM3 309         $95       
9/28 Sa                 9:00am-4:00pm

Rita Hodge           Bend PON 206                    $95       
10/5 Sa                 9:00am-4:00pm

Be a Radio DJ for Teens 
If you're 15-18 years old, you can train to volunteer for KPOV, High Desert Completing this class will qualify you to host the Youth Radio Hour on KPOV.                                      
Tom Barry & Dean Harris               Bend BEC 154                     $49       
9/28 Sa                                           9:00am-11:30am (classroom session)
10/2 & 10/9 W                                 3:30pm-5:30pm (KPOV studio sessions)

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