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Have coffee with COCC Continuing Education and discover something new about yourself, the world and your community. Join us the second Tuesday of the month for a presentation on topics that will expand your mind, ignite your creativity and broaden your horizons. Highlighting COCC faculty and Central Oregon experts; we'll explore topics ranging from international culture to current events to emerging technologies. Leave these 2-hour sessions with unique takeaways, useful life hacks, fascinating insights and a desire to know more, do more and see more.
Guest Speakers                Bend     CHLAB 301           $75       
10/9 to 6/11 Tu                  2:00PM-4:00PM

Register Online Now or call 541.383.7270.

2018/2019 Topics

October 9, 2018 – Why Retirees Become Impoverished and How to Protect Yourself
Presenter: David Almond, President of Almond Financial

As a Certified Financial Planner, instructor and author, David has dedicated the past 18 years of his career to helping retirees maintain financial independence. Learn about the number one reason why retirees become impoverished and what you can do to protect yourself.

November 13 – Drone School is in Session
Presenter: Kevin Sivertson, COCC Adjunct Professor of Unmanned Aviation

Learn about the exciting future of drones including what a drone is, where they came from and where they are going. Explore the various aspects of drone technology including legal, political and ethical questions surrounding data management.

December 11 – The Cycling Odyssey of Ville and Kristen Jokinen
Presenters: Ville and Kristen Jokinen

Ville and Kristen will recount their incredible two year, 18,000 mile cycling odyssey from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Bahia Lapataia, Argentina. Hear about their close encounters with bears, dog attacks, a bout with dengue fever and many more wild adventures.

January 8 - The ABC’s of Canyon Country
Presenter: Damian Fagan

Join naturalist, author and former National Park Service ranger Damian Fagan, in an exploration of the Arches, Bridges and Canyons of Southern Utah. In addition to 10 years with the Park Service, Damian started BUTEO Wildlife Consultants and worked as a Preserve Manager for The Nature Conservancy in Moab, Utah.

February 12 – Mitigating Homelessness in Central Oregon
Presenter: Courtney Gallant, Bethlehem Inn Community Engagement Coordinator

As Central Oregon grows, so do issues like homelessness. Learn about the current state of homelessness in the region and how Bethlehem Inn works to address homelessness in the community and supports those experiencing it.

March 12 – State of the Aviation Industry in the US
Presenter: Karl Baldessari, COCC Aviation Program Director

Join COCC Aviation Program Director and retired Captain for the U.S. Coast Guard, Karl Baldessari, as he explains how the looming shortage of airline pilots is effecting the aviation industry in the US. Karl’s aviation experience includes helicopter search & rescue, medevac, drug/migrant interdiction, maritime environmental protection, homeland security and aircraft manufacturing.

April 9 – Explore the World of TED Talks
Presenter: Joanne Mathews, Public Speaking & Teambuilding

Learn about what goes in to the planning and production of TED Talks including TEDxBend. Explore how speakers are cultivated and the coaching behind the big event.

May 14 – Ascend Physical Therapy
Presenter: Jessica Smith-Blockley, DPT/OCS/COMT/FAAOMPT

June 11 – Navigating Fear in the Great Outdoors
Presenter: Jess Beauchemin

Join outdoor explorer Jess Beauchemin as she weaves tales of adventure and misadventure with practical tips for enjoying your next foray into the wilderness. Learn how planning, knowledge and risk-assessment can help allay your fears about hiking in Central Oregon.