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Join COCC Continuing Education on the second Tuesday of each month (October - June) for a presentation on topics that will expand your mind, ignite your creativity and broaden your horizons. Highlighting COCC faculty and Central Oregon experts, we will explore topics ranging from international culture to current events to emerging technologies and more. Leave these 2-hour sessions with unique takeaways, useful life hacks, fascinating insights, and a desire to know more, do more, and see more. Your registration includes all sessions from plus a guest pass for a presentation of your choice.
Guest Speakers                 Bend CHLAB 301               $65       
10/12 to 6/14 Tu                 2:00pm-4:00pm (meets second Tuesday of each month)

REGISTER ONLINE or call 541.383.7270.

2021/2022 Topics:

October 12 – Dr. JJ Hannigan, OSU-Cascades Professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Knee Injuries Across the Lifespan – During Dr. Hannigan's talk, students will become more familiar with knee anatomy, as well as common mechanisms for injury and current treatment approaches for both chronic and acute knee injuries.  Current research on patellofemoral pain, ACL injuries, and knee osteoarthritis will also be discussed throughout the talk.

November 9 – Dr. Mark Eberle, COCC Professor of Biological Sciences (Retired)

Life During a Plague Pandemic – We now know what life in a pandemic is like. But what was life like during a plague pandemic? We will look at plague paintings and movie clips to answer this question. Spoiler alert: Plague was worse!   

December 14 – Roxie Supplee, COCC Criminal Justice Program Director

Honoring the Fallen: The True Meaning of the Thin Blue Line – Have you ever wondered what the Thin Blue Line really means in the law enforcement community? Learn about the history and symbolism of the iconic blue line from COCC Criminal Justice Program Director and law enforcement spouse, Professor Roxie Supplee.  Find out about the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall and learn the stories of just a few of the 22,611 officers whose names are carved on its walls.

January 11 – Kimber Mattox, COCC Professor of Biology

Topic – TBD

February 8 – Kevin Grove, COCC Professor of Physics and Central Oregon Avalanche Center Board Member/Director

Snowflakes and Avalanches - Learn about the formation of a snowflake from the inception of a liquid water droplet freezing on a dust particle to the culmination of an ornate and beautiful six-sided structure.  We will discuss how that snowflake landing in the mountains becomes part of the snowpack which can result in glorious powder to ski or create a deadly avalanche.  Lastly we will explore how we go about making decision in risky environments.

March 8 – Dr. Laura Boehme, COCC Chief Information and Human Resources Officer

Topic – TBD

April 12 – Dr. Thomas Barry, COCC Professor of Sociology

Music Across and For the Ages – Details coming soon

May 10 – Boone Zimmerlee, Deschutes County Fire Adapted Communities Coordinator

Wildland Fire in Central Oregon – Details coming soon.

June 14 – Dr. Anne Zmyslinski-Seelig, COCC Assistant Professor of Communication

Emotional Intelligence - Come prepared to learn about some important features of emotional intelligence (EQ) in this interactive presentation. We will discuss the elements of EQ, including self-awareness, empathy, and social skills. Most importantly, though, we will ponder how understanding our own EQ strengths and areas for improvement could benefit our lives and our relationships.