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Have coffee with COCC Community Learning and discover something new about yourself, the world and your community. Join us the second Tuesday of the month for a presentation on topics that will expand your mind, ignite your creativity and broaden your horizons. Highlighting the COCC faculty and Central Oregon experts; well explore topics ranging from international culture to current events to emerging technologies. Leave these 2 hour sessions with unique takeaways, useful life hacks, fascinating insights and a desire to know more, do more and see more.

2017/2018 Topics

October 10, 2017 - Life on the Ice
Presenter: Darren Hill

This presentation is a close-up look into the life of a NASA sponsored International (U.S., Canada, Denmark & Germany) Polar Research team as we travel thousands of miles around the Greenland Ice Sheet. The team was setting up and maintaining the world's largest Firn Compaction Network in history to accurately record the melt and movement of the Greenland ice Sheet. We are focused primarily on the last 30 years of ice. It will give an over the shoulder view of our travel, research studies, and how we survive day to day in the planet's harshest environment.

November 14, 2017 - The Lands No One Else Wanted - A History of Our Public Lands
Presenter: Jeffrey Kitchens Bureau of Land Management Deschutes Field Manager

I will weave the United States history of public policy and key events into a single story that will tell about our country's complicated relationship with its lands from the time of the Republic to today. Topics will include public land laws and legislation, land use through time, human geography and expansion (including railroad history), and the complications and controversies associated with public land management.

December 12, 2017 - How the City of Bend is Run
Presenter: Eric King, Bend City Manager

Are you curious on how the City of Bend is governed, who is in charge, how are decisions made, and how are public safety, infrastructure, and planning services funded? What about growth? What is the plan for how to manage the estimated 30,000 additional residents moving to Bend by the year 2030? Where will this growth happen, who pays for it, and how can I participate in the process? Bend's City Manager, Eric King, will provide an overview of the City government structure and how it is funded as well as an outline of Oregon's land use system and its relevancy in planning for Bend's future.

January 9, 2018 - Junts pel Si (Together for Yes): Three Months in Barcelona Neighborhoods
Presenters: Jon Bouknight (COCC Professor) & Lisa Bouknight

Barcelona's neighborhoods, such as l'Eixample or El Raval, are known for their architectural and artistic innovations. Besides being a place of social experience and a platform for expression by Gaudi, Dali, Picasso, and Miro, Barcelona engenders community and spirit. Its Catalan spirit creates vital places for smaller communities to stimulate intergenerational participation in cultural traditions and civic actions. Jon and Lisa will share original photographs and research from three months in Spain with COCC Study Abroad students. A variety of cultural activities, such as celebrations, contests, and even emergency preparedness highlight the importance of neighborhoods.

As a professor of speech and writing at COCC, Jon Bouknight enjoys teaching Intercultural Communication and media ecology. Spending the fall term in Spain with his wife fulfilled a goal that began when, as a teenager, Jon first finished Don Quixote, Part 1. Lisa Goetz-Bouknight has connected with the needs of smaller communities through arts education, transitional education, ADA advocacy, and emergency preparedness. Along with her husband and the generous support of COCC Study Abroad and its participating students and sponsors (Barcelona SAE), Lisa learned to focus her cameras eye on the wonders of long-term international experiences.

February 13, 2018 - Executive Order 9066: A Japanese-American Experience of Internment
Presenter: Eric Ballinger

On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 that authorized the internment of all Americans of Japanese ancestry. In marking the 76th anniversary of this event and The Day of Remembrance (DOR), this presentation is designed to share the experience of a Japanese-American family in Oregon and how Executive Order 9066 affected their lives during and after World War II.

March 13, 2018 - Talking with our Kids About Standing Up to Hate
Presenters: Karen Roth & Amy Howell, COCC Professors

Join us for this interactive discussion on how to talk with our kids and grandkids about the hateful rhetoric and images they see around them and in the media.

April 10, 2018 - Securing our Personal Home Technology
Presenter: Wesley Dymond

In today's world, protecting our assets requires more than a deadbolt on the front door. Now we must secure our home Wi-Fi, phones and tablets, credit cards, retirement savings, online identity, social media and more. Lets spend a couple of hours discussing the best practices for digital, physical, and online security.

May 8, 2018 - Falconry: A Family Affair
Presenters: Dan & Danny Cecchini

Join father & son falconers, Dan & Danny Cecchini, as they show their birds of prey and discuss the sport of falconry across the globe. Both have spent years cultivating their sport and raising birds, while working on conservation issues. 

June 12, 2018 - A Day in the Life Living Outside the Wire of War-torn Afghanistan
Presenter: Kathleen Rafiq

Get a glimpse into the daily life of an Afghanistan civilian living in a warzone. Kathleen will discuss challenges such as getting around town, shopping, security, the presence of a military occupation, weather impediments, acquiring water for daily hygiene and cooking, cultural restrictions and gender delineations of duties etc. She will also reflect on the joy these people feel over simple things in life and how they persist despite their challenges.