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Our hiring process

The Continuing Education hiring process is separate from the rest of the college. If you would like to apply for a position outside of the Continuing Education department, please visit the COCC jobs website.

General Hiring Process for Continuing Education

Step 1 - Online Proposal Submitted
Complete the Online Proposal Form.

Step 2 - Additional Information Collected
If your proposal meets the needs of the community and Department, a program manager will contact you to discuss your proposal and teaching qualifications. You may also be required to submit additional information such as resume, general course outline, and ideas about class location, materials costs, etc.

Step 3 - Interview
Once all information has been received, the program manager may arrange a face-to-face or phone interview to further discuss your proposed class, teaching experience, and teaching style. They will also explain how Continuing Education functions including our two employment status options: Part-time Employee or Independent Contractor. 

Step 4 - Hiring Paperwork
You will be instructed to complete the required paperwork depending on your employment status (Part-time Employee or Independent Contractor).

Part-time Employee hiring paperwork includes:

• Instructor Application
• Background Check*
• Conditions of Employment
• I‐9 Form
• W‐4 Form
• Employee Information Form
• Reference Letters

Independent Contractor paperwork includes:

• Instructor Application
• W-9 Form
• Reference Letters

*Background Check 
All COCC employees must pass a background check before they can work for the college (not required for Independent Contractors). Once hiring paperwork has been submitted, the potential instructor will receive an email from HireRight with a link to an online background check. The potential instructor will have five days to complete the form.
Youth Program employees must pass both the HireRight background check AND the Oregon Department of Education background check specifically for youth activities.

Additional Information:

No Guarantee of Work - Continuing Education instructors work on a class‐by‐class basis. Scheduling decisions are made based on the program manager’s assessment of community needs and interests, as well as a wide variety of other factors. Program managers may choose to rotate instructors for a different approach on a subject, and some courses may be seasonal. In other words, once an instructor is hired, there is no guarantee that they will teach each term.

Deadlines - Class schedules are arranged approximately 4‐6 months in advance, so we have time to prepare our marketing materials and online registration system. Deadlines are firm and will be provided by your program manager.


Term General scheduling deadline
Winter  Late August or early September
Spring   Late November or early December
Summer  Late February or early March
Fall  Late May or early June