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Student Success

Goal Statement: 

Provide resources and support to facilitate increased student persistence and educational goal achievement.

Goal Intention: 

Many students who come to COCC leave before reaching their declared educational goal. COCC will proactively guide students to define goals, and will provide resources and support to achieve them. This will result in a measurable improvement in overall persistence and completion.

What will COCC look like when this goal is achieved?

Students create realistic educational goals, academic plans and pathways, and take the courses they need in an efficient and progressive manner while accounting for their non-academic challenges. Resources are known and accessible. The institution tracks students and targets relevant and appropriate resources. Faculty and staff employ practices to increase student engagement, access and success. Students who enter COCC attain or exceed their educational goals.


SS-1: Enhance development of course and program offerings and delivery methods to help students efficiently complete their academic goal.

SS-2: Enhance and promote the resources and tools available to help students efficiently complete their academic goal.

SS-3: Enhance and promote the resources and support services available to help students overcome non-academic challenges.