Armory - Analysis, Investigation, Defense Testing Armory

Armory ( ar mory ) noun:

1. a supply of weapons
2. a place where weapons are kept; especially : a place where weapons are kept and where soldiers are trained
3. a place where weapons are made

Use the Security Engineering - Armory menu to select various utilities which you might use to perform forensics, incident management, Defense in Depth testing, log analysis, and more. Be advised, many of these tools, even when used properly, can crash systems and damage data. It is considered criminal action to use these tools against networks and systems you do not own without express contractual permission from the owner. Create backups of systems before attempting forensics and use forensics tools against those backups. When performing network scans or system vulnerability assessments there is always the potential for slowness or failure of not only the resources you are testing, but all communication medium your data passes through. Use at your own risk, and only after you have researched the tools and fully understand how they operate.