Meet the SBDC Team

Meet our team of experienced business advisers!


Ken Betschart

“I’m results-oriented and enjoy conceptualizing, developing and implementing successful solutions. I enjoy teamwork and collaborating with diverse partnerships, and in my career have especially prized the opportunity to lead and coach in a variety of different industries. My operations background means that I've developed the ability to grasp the big picture while helping business owners handle the crucial details.”


Jim Wilcox
SBM Instructor & Business Adviser
"I have over 20 years of experience working with businesses. My background in management, business ownership and human resources along with a MBA from Portland State University makes me uniquely suited to supporting the variety of challenges that a small business owner encounters every day. Experience in managing the financial, accounting, and day-to-day business operations of a small business have given me unique insight into the problems and solutions for success."


Maureen Quinn
Business Adviser
"I have a strong background in banking & financing and enjoy exploring funding options with clients who are looking for capital. I've worked in the real estate business as well as owning a wholesale & retail bakery. Having started and run my own successful business, and having seen it through from concept to reality, I feel qualified to advise other potential entrepreneurs. As a long-time resident of Central Oregon, I have a good handle on the economy of the region and its resources."


José Balcazar
Business Adviser
"Even though most Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs in Central Oregon are, by necessity, able to go about their business in English, it is still a great benefit to be able to discuss important issues and concerns in your native language. Having owned and operated my own restaurant, I'm well positioned to help our clients with the particular challenges that can arise in the food-service industry. I also serve as the SBDC's Veteran liaison, drawing from my own experience in the US Army." 


Patti Norris
Business Adviser
"I help my clients make the scary, overwhelming job of running a business more manageable. I help them understand the 'big picture' while putting tools & resources in place to manage the details. I am passionate about empowering individuals to make themselves, their organizations, and their communities more successful than they thought possible. I love turning an 'I can't' into an 'I can' and creating synergistic connections for clients and others in their community."


Pam Stevenson
'SCALE Oregon' Business Adviser

"I love working with entrepreneurs. Their creativity, passion and desire to bring something new to the world make my heart thump and I mirror it back. I help my clients focus on goals, devise game plans, recruit resources and tell the world (especially customers and investors) what they do. I am really good at seeing the big picture and distilling a compelling idea from a bunch of gobbledy gook."