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Please note these new login steps

The COCC Campus Services HelpDesk system powered by "SchoolDudes" has added an extra security function to their site, requiring a personal password when logging into the work order system. At the end of the work order page there is still a submittal password which is "COCC".

Please follow the direction below to set-up your new personal password. If you need assistance please call 1-877-868-3833.

  1. Go to School Dudes
  2. E-mail: type your COCC e-mail
  3. Password: type "newuser"
  4. It will then ask you to enter in your current password "newuser" and then you will need to enter your new password underneath.

    Campus Services HelpDesk Login tip1

    If you receive a screen that says "invalid user name and password" please call School Dudes at 1-877-868-3833 or you can find more information here:

Icon - Campus Services Help If you have already set-up your personal password, you may login and submit Campus Services HelpDesk tickets here:

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