Copy Center Services For Staff

Class Handouts/Exams/Other

Please drop off or email a copy in paper or a digital version formatted as you want printed. Attach a filled out duplication request form with your department index number. For any questions don't hesitate to call or email.

Course Packets

Course packets are extremely limited by copyright rules. We ask that you follow our copyright rules. If you need to have a course packet, please speak directly with us or by email.

We offer cover paper in a variety of colors and comb binding or coil binding to help the course packets last for an entire semester. You can also get your packet three-hole drilled. 

Please email Roxanne Burger at to fill out an adoption form. She will notify the copy center and we will send you a disclaimer form. Please fill it out and return to us by the deadline. This will happen each term as the course pack is needed.


Cartridge Recycling
COCC is working with Konica Minolta's Clean Planet Recycling Program. All you need to do is box it up and send it to the copy center. 

Please place the empty CARTRIDGES in the same box that the replacement cartridge came in. Mark the box "To Be Recycled" and send to the copy center.

Paper Recycling
One sided paper we make into pads or cut in half and send to various departments.

Two sided paper goes into the blue recycle bins.


You can drop off or send to us through inter-campus mail unsecure papers to be shredded.