How do I request an Enrollment Verification?

What is Enrollment Verification?
Students are sometimes required to provide enrollment verifications to health insurers or other companies that require proof of enrollment. Enrollment verifications at COCC are provided online through the National Student Clearinghouse. There is no charge for this service when students access this service through your Bobcat Web Account.

Request an Enrollment Verification
Enrollment Verification can be requested from your Student Records on your Bobcat Web Account.

Log in to your student account:

  • Click on the "Student Login" link which is available in the upper right hand area of all COCC webpages,
  • Choose the Bobcat Web Account option,
  • Log in to your account

Go to your Student Records:

  • Choose Student Services and Financial Aid,
  • Choose Student Records

Enrollment Verifications are processed through the National Student Clearinghouse

  • Choose Enrollment Verification and follow the instructions on the National Student Clearinghouse website