Curriculum A-Z

In September of 2013, staff and faculty met to develop an improved institutional understanding of the numerous steps in the curriculum process and how they interrelate.  A goal of the discussion  was to identify opportunities for working together to create a clear, cohesive process across the college. The questions posed were the following::

  • What is the curriculum process at COCC from start to finish?  
  • How does curriculum development and approval impact departments outside of instruction? 
  • Once curriculum is developed by faculty and approved by the Curriculum Committee and the State, how does the College operationalize it? 
  • How does the College ensure it is accurate and accessible to students through the catalog, advising, registration, financial aid? 
  • How does the College report and communicate accurate information on student activity to external stakeholders?
The imbedded Curiculum A-Z process document is a summary of this discussion.

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