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Technology Advisory Committee

Approved 11/2015

TAC CHARGE: The primary purpose of this advisory committee is to provide judicious advice on technology issues from across all areas of the college, which the President's Advisory Team and the ITS department can use as a source for planning technology for the college.

The Committee will collaborate with other college committees to prioritize technology initiatives across campus, and make recommendations to the President's Advisory Team and the ITS Department to consider in the development and maintenance of a roll-forward three year technology plan.

With the growing importance of technology in all aspects of college affairs, it is important that the selected members of the committee represent a balanced cross-section of the college who have knowledge and an interest to contribute to discussions about technology on campus.

The Director of ITS Infrastructure and the Director of Application & Web Systems Development will co-chair the committee. The committee will meet a minimum of once per term, or more often as appropriate.

For more information about this committee, see section G-6-8.1of COCC's General Procedures Manual

The following are subcommittees of the Technology Advisory Committee that aid in technology projects: 

New Project Evaluation Team (NPET): Established by the COCC President in 2015 at the recommendation of the IT Governance Task Force, the NPET is a team of individuals from the CFOs Office, Instruction, Student Services, and IT, charged with evaluating the viability of new technology projects at COCC. NPET is one of the initial reviewers in the technology project review process that aims to: 1) enhance COCCs ability to implement or enhance new technologies; and 2) ensure that proposed projects fit into an understood strategy for the College.

Technology Review Team (TRT): Established by the COCC President in 2015 at the recommendation of the IT Governance Task Force, the TRT is a subcommittee of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) and is comprised of representatives from the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) to include functional business areas (Instruction, Student Services, Continuing Education, HR/CFO, IT). TRT is provided feedback from the NPET on the viability of a requested technology project and is then charged with reviewing the technical scope, resource requirements and costs for requested technology projects. TRT will report its recommendations to either the FIAT for projects requesting budget funds or to the CIO and President if the project does not require budget funding.

Current Members 2021-22:

Tanner Root
Student (ASCOCC Representative) 
Term: 2021-22 

Kristine Roshau 
eLearning Representative 
Term: 2021-23 

Chris Mills
Pres. Appt. - Student Services
Term: 2021-23


Jeff Floyd, Co-chair
Dir. of Tech Support Services
Term: Automatic

Laura Boehme
Chief Information/HR Officer
Term: Automatic



Term: 2021-22

John Liccardo
Faculty Senate
Term: 2021-23 

David Dona 
CFO or designee, Fiscal 
Term: Automatic 

Darren McCrea, Co-chair
Dir. of Enterprise Information Services
Term: Automatic

Tina Leslie
Classified Representative
Term: 2021-23

Stephen Newcombe 
Pres. Appt. - Ext. Learning
Term: 2021-23

Aaron-James Perry
IT Project Manager
Term: Automatic

Tina Hovekamp
Director of Library Services
Term: Automatic