Sustainability Team

COCC Sustainability Coordinator

Noelle Bell Copley

COCC celebrated Earth Day 2021 by hiring Noelle Bell Copley to Campus Services as our Sustainability Coordinator!

She will be managing sustainability efforts across campuses and serve as a resource for all areas of the College, including student and community outreach.

Noelle brings years of experience in energy efficiency and waste reduction. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, MN and was Customer Service Manager at Eureka Recycling in Minneapolis, MN. Most recently, Noelle was Compliance Manager for Ecology Action in Santa Cruz, where she helped customers of all sizes access financing and incentives for energy efficiency. 

Noelle has lived in Bend with her family since 2015 and enjoys yoga, hiking and biking.

Noelle Bell Copley

 Please contact Noelle with any and all ideas for COCC sustainable initiatives!


COCC Energy Team

Responsibilities: Research, Assess, Develop and Implement Sustainability Programing, Policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Long-Term Engagement.

Energy Champions (Noelle Bell Copley & Dana Christensen): Leaders of the energy team who set up team meetings and provide agendas, draft energy policies, help develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), and track implementation of action items.

Data Champion (Noelle Bell Copley): Enters and interprets energy data, and presents data through modeling and reporting.

Site Coordinators - RTEC, Wickiup, Culinary, Cascade (David Villanueva, Kate Donahue, Hilary McDonald, TBD): On-site key members for COCC’s “portfolio buildings” on campus. Makes sure that relevant data is gathered for the site (e.g. occupancy data, energy “events”, usage changes, etc.). Works closely with Campus Service Technical Specialists.

Technical Specialists: (HVAC technician, campus service technicians, IT professionals, purchasing agents): Understand facility and campus systems relating to sustainability and energy usage. Using expert knowledge, Technical Specialists help identify energy-saving opportunities, and assist in drafting policies and procedures for their particular area or expertise, as well as perform work on identified areas of greatest need.

Awareness Specialists (any member of the College community): Energy Team Members with a passion for engaging the campus community. Primary responsibilities include coordinating and implementing employee awareness campaigns within their areas (e.g. buildings, academics, certain populations, departments, campuses), and being a point person for questions regarding Sustainability and/or Energy Management.

Skills Specialist: (project manager, organizer, marketer, finance specialist, trainer, HR): Skills Specialists assist the Energy Team in designing project, marketing, finance and training plans in order to guide, educate and engage key stakeholders at the College.

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