Climate Teach-In

2023 Climate Teach-In

The 2023 Climate Teach-In took place on  April 19, 2023 1:30-5:30pm on Bend campus, Wille Hall in Coats Campus Center.

View recordings COCC's 2nd annual Worldwide Climate Action Teach-in:

Click to view slides from opening speaker session:

Climate action is the theme of Central Oregon Community College’s 2nd annual Climate Teach-In — part of a worldwide event — on April 19 featuring a lineup of climate-focused talks and breakout sessions from 1:30-5:30 p.m. in Wille Hall on the Bend campus. This free event will include speakers from the college and the community, including the city of Bend, the Environmental Center and Oregon State University-Cascades, who will share 10-minute talks on how citizens can engage in active climate work in their own lives, with moderated discussions to follow. Info booths will provide resources for engagement. The presentations will also be viewable via livestream 2-3pm.

Event schedule:

  • 1:30-2 Check in and engage with community organizations at tables
  • 2-3:00 Welcome and opening speakers session (available to livestream, need to register in Eventbrite)
  • 3-4:00 Breakout sessions (4 options)
  • 4-4:30 Engage with community organizations at tables
  • 4:30-5 Closing speakers session
  • 5-5:30 Engage with community organizations at tables

Opening Speakers:

  • Bruce Abernethy, Chair of the COCC Board of Directors
  • Hal Wershow, COCC Assistant Professor II Geology
  • Laura Tabor, Climate Action Director of The Nature Conservancy in Oregon
  • Alex Hardison, Central Oregon Landwatch, speaking on Climate-Friendly Complete Communities
  • Christy Walker, Director of COCC Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Neil Baunsgard, The Environmental Center
  • Matt Shinderman, OSU-Cascades, Natural Resources & Sustainability Instructor

Closing Speakers:

  • Phil Chang, Deschutes County Commissioner
  • Owen Murphy, COCC Professor Health and Human Performance

Community organizations:

Breakout Sessions descriptions:

  • City of Bend and the Energy Plan Working Group shared session. (This session will be in Wille Hall).       

City Climate Action Plan community input led by Cassie Lacy.

Energy Plan Working Group discussion led by Jen Patterson from Deschutes County and Lindsay Hardy from The Environmental Center. 

  • Electrify Your Life-A powerful climate solution that requires individual action. (Mazama room 224).

Electrifying your home and your ride is one of the most powerful ways to reduce carbon emissions locally. We have good news! There is new funding available for electrifying our homes, buildings, cars and communities. Learn about the Inflation Reduction Act, the benefits of electrification, and all the ways individuals can take advantage of this federal funding for electrification and energy efficiency upgrades. Bend Neighbors for Climate Action is a group of local residents in Bend promoting home and community electrification to reduce carbon emissions, meet Bend’s climate goals, and create a more livable future for everyone. Let’s work together! Presenters: Lauren Fraser of Canopy home electrification company, Kristi Kimball of Neighbors for Climate Action and Neil Baunsgard of The Environmental Center. Email us at:

  • Waste Reduction: The “Great Garbage Game” and Compost activity. (Coats Campus Center room 116).   

Almost 70% of what goes into municipal solid waste in the US could be recycled or composted. Come learn how to make your everyday more sustainable with Jessie Spendlove, ASCOCC Redmond Campus Liaison. 

  • Faculty panel and discussion of the Tragedy of the Commons. (Mazama room 220).     

Led by Thomas Barry, COCC Professor of Sociology.

Garrett Hardin’s 1968 Tragedy of the Commons article, is one that made its ways into the fields of economics, psychology, ecology, sustainability, sociology, and anthropology. Join for a Faculty discussion on the issues related to the stories we tell about who humans are, failures and prosperities of and in the commons and, given different perspectives on the commons, how we can best move forward. 

2022 Climate Teach-In

Thanks to all who participated in the Central Oregon Community College World-Wide Climate Teach-In on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. The full recording is here.

Links to short videos of each panelist :

Jackie Wilson, The Environmental Center: Climate education and Green Schools

Hal Wershow, Geology: Changing climate, adapting humans

Jennifer Kovitz, Marketing: Climate grief mindfulness meditation

Matt Higgins, Biology: Microorganisms and climate change

Matthew Novak, Psychology: Conservation Psychology

Megan Michell, Nursing: Climate Solutions for Health

Owen Murphy, Public Health: The Importance of Community

Sarah Baron Public Health: Climate change and how it directly impacts public health

Sarah Fuller, Biology: Climate Resilience and Pollinator Habitats

Steve Edwards, Biology: Introduction to Climate Issues - Engaging Climate Skepticism

Tom Barry, Sociology: The Climate Change Counter Revolution

Venus Nguyen, Art: Provoking Change Visually

At the global climate meetings In Glasgow last November, the youth delegation rightly called for action "Now. Not Next Month. Not next Year." Educators have the obligation now to help students understand the extraordinary moment in which we are living. Today's students have about a twenty-year window- working as artists, scientists, engineers, writers, business people, advocates, musicians, teachers-- to stabilize the climate and change the future. Replacing students' widespread climate despair with the recognition of their agency as citizens, volunteers and in their professional work is the purpose of this Teach-In.

COCC Faculty and staff will engage the audience in dynamic 5-minute presentations focused on climate change from the perspectives of geology, psychology, physics, microbiology, public health, art, sociology and more, followed by an interactive student-moderated discussion. Light refreshments provided.

Wille Hall from 3 - 5:30pm. Event is free to all, registration required due to room capacity and zoom livestream details.        To participate, contact COCC Sustainability Coordinator. See Eventbrite To Register.

In coordination with the World-Wide Global Teach-In being organized by Bard University.