Advising Requirements

Advising can be a critical component of your college experience; at COCC and nationally, students have indicated that they want, need, and expect quality academic advising support. COCC advisors value our role in assisting students towards completion of your educational goals.  Learn more about Academic Advising at COCC

Advising is required before you can register for fall, winter and spring term classes
Every student who is seeking a degree (whether that be a COCC degree or another institution's degree) has an advising requirement. This is how it works:

  1. You are assigned an advisor during your first term at COCC
  2. You must meet with your advisor prior to registering for your second term.
  3. After that, your advisor can clear your requirement for one term or for up to a year.

Do I need to meet with my advisor this term? 
Check your Bobcat Web Account every term for your registration date and time, advising requirements, and other registration information.  Go to the "Can I Register for Credit  Classes?" screen and enter the term you want to register for classes in.   

  • If you want to register for Fall and the page says your advising requirement has been met "UNTIL Fall" you must meet with your advisor before you can register for classes.  
  • If you want to register for Fall and the page says your advising requirement has been met "UNTIL Winter" you don't need to meet with your advisor.  

What does it mean to get cleared for registration?
You can not register for classes unless your advisor clears your advising requirement.  Your advisor will clear your advising requirement when you meet with them.  They can clear your requirement for one term or for up to a year.   

How do I contact my advisor?
Learn how to contact your advisor and schedule an appointment

What do I need to do before my Advising appointment? 

  1. Check your Bobcat Web Account,  "Can I Register for Credit Classes?" page for holds or requirements.
  2. Use GradTracks to look at your degree progress and make an academic plan.
  3. Document your plan using the Academic Planner and bring it with you.  
  4. Write down your proposed schedule for the next term on a weekly planner worksheet and bring it with you.


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