Snow Closure Policy

The philosophy of Central Oregon Community College is that classes will be held except under extreme adverse conditions. We realize that there are times when road conditions on campus are acceptable, yet travel from some parts of the District may be inadvisable. We expect individual students to make whatever decisions are necessary for their own safety.

If conditions are questionable, College officials will attempt to make a decision by 6 a.m. as to whether or not to hold morning classes or close the college. If conditions change during the course of the day, decisions on later classes will be made as early as possible.

With all decisions, announcements will be made through "COCC Alert", the College's emergency notification system, and through the media. The COCC Alert phone recording (541-383-7777) and COCC switchboard (541-383-7700) message will be updated as soon as a decision is made; a message will be put on the COCC website and all media outlets will be notified.

The College may make separate decisions for the four campuses. Unless specified, however, any announcement about the College shall be interpreted to mean all campuses. Any decision made for one of the campuses will impact all classes and all events on that campus.

The College will make one of two announcements:

"The College is closed," meaning that travel either in the area or on campus is unsafe and all classes and events are canceled, and all offices and buildings are closed. This will include the library, computer lab and gymnasium.


"Classes are canceled but the College is open," meaning that travel and/or parking is limited. This means the library, computer lab, gymnasium and other offices and buildings are open, and that staff members are expected to report.

Following is a list of radio and television stations that will announce COCC closures:

  • Television Stations:
    KTVZ Channel 21 (Cable Channel 5 in Bend)
    COTV Channel 11
    KOHD Channel 6
    KBNZ Channel 9

  • AM Radio Stations:
    KRCO 690 AM
    KICE 940 AM
    KBND 1110 AM
    KBNW 1340 AM

  • FM Radio Stations:
    KXIX 94.1 FM
    KLTW 95.1 FM
    KWLZ 96.5 FM
    KNLR 97.5 FM
    KTWS 98.3 FM
    KMTK 99.7 FM
    KMGX 100.7 FM
    KLRR 101.7 FM
    KWPK 104.1 FM
    KSJJ 102.9 FM
    KQAK 105.7 FM
    WILD 107.7 FM

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