B-4-0 Tablet/iPad Acquisitions

When it is determined that the use of a tablet (iPad, PlayBook, or other tablet device) would significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an employee in completing their job duties, a vice president or another member of the executive team can authorize the acquisition of a tablet using the following procedures. By following these procedures, the College and the employee are compliant with the Listed Property Policy (G-31-9.1.1) in the General Business Procedures manual. The Computer Acquisitions Policy (G-31-9.1.2) guides the acquisition of a computer or lap top computer.

  1. The cost of a tablet will be shared 50/50 up to a maximum cost of $800.
    • The College will reimburse employees of the purchase of a tablet and a one-year maintenance contract not to exceed $400.
    • Any accessories, including a keyboard and cover, are the responsibility of the employee.
  2. Any additional maintenance or insurance will be at the employee's expense. The employee will be solely responsible for lost, stolen, or damage to the tablet.
  3. As the College does not provide technical or operational support for tablets, it is the employee's responsibility to ensure that the tablet is fully functional.
  4. As employees use the College's Wi-Fi, the College will not pay for a tablet data plan.
  5. Without limitation, employees are authorized to use the tablet for both college business and personal purposes.
  6. The employee will reimburse the College for the prorated value of the tablet if the employee leaves the college within three years from the tablet purchase date. Full tablet ownership transfers to the employee after three years.
  7. COCC faculty have the option of applying PIP funds to the purchase of a tablet/iPad in accordance with current practices and procedures related to materials and supplies purchased via PIP funds. In accordance to the COCC Computer Acquisitions Policy, B-3-1.2, PIP funds will be considered taxable income when used to purchase a tablet/iPad.
  8. The COCC IT department does not support personal tablets/iPads.
  9. Employees are authorized to connect tablets/iPads to the College's wireless network following the approved ITS guidelines.
  10. Prior to purchase, each employee will be required to sign a statement acknowledging and agreeing to these procedures. (Laptop/tablet purchasing agreement form)