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General Business Policies Index

Index of General Business Policies at Central Oregon Community College

G-31-1 Insurance
G-31-2 Tax-Sheltered Annuities
G-31-3 Professional Advice From Agents on Retainer
G-31-3.1 College Auditors
G-31-3.2 College Auditors-Conflict of Interest
G-31-4 College Interest in Marketable Materials, Products, and Processes
G-31-4.1 Secretarial Staff Use
G-31-5 Materials and Resources
G-31-6 Fund-Raising
G-31-6.1 Solicitation/Selling on Campus
G-31-6.2 Solicitation for Support
G-31-7 Acceptance of Gifts
G-31-8 Fiscal Services
G-31-8.1 Budget Changes
G-31-8.2 Grant and Special Project Administration
G-31-8.3 Purchasing
G-31-8.3.1 Departmental Signing Authority
G-31-8.3.2 Private Benefit
G-31-8.3.3 Purchasing Thresholds
G-31-8.4 Disposition of Surplus Capital Property
G-31-8.4.1 Proceeds Received from the Sale of Surplus Property
G-31-8.5 Investment Policy
G-31-8.6 Travel Policy
G-31-8.6.1 Reimbursement
G-31-8.6.2 Insurance Responsibility for Use of Personally Owned Vehicles
G-31-9 Campus Services
G-31-9.1 College Equipment Use
G-31-9.1.1 Listed Property Policy
G-31-9.1.2 Computer Acquisitions Policy
G-31-9.2 Facilities Use by Community Groups
G-31-9.2.1 Insurance Requirement for Off-Campus Groups
G-31-9.2.2 Facility Use Policy
G-31-9.2.3 Denial of Requested Use of Facilities
G-31-9.2.4 Special Requirements
G-31- Computer Labs Use
G-31- Residence Hall Use
G-31- Mazama Physical Education and Recreational Center Use
G-31- Pinckney Center for the Performing Arts Use
G-31- Barber Library
G-31- Coats Campus Center Building Use
G-31- Jungers Culinary Building
G-31- Health Careers Center Labs
G-31- Science Center Labs
G-31- Redmond, Madras, Prineville campuses
G-31-9.2.5 General Campus Grounds use such as parking lots, trails, stairs, roadways, etc
G-31- Designated Public Forum
G-31- Americans with Disabilities Act
G-31- Alcohol Use
G-31-9.3 Motor Vehicle Registration and Operation
G-31-9.4 Equipment Inventory
G-31-9.5 Building Security Policy
G-31-9.5.1 Key and FOB Control
G-31-10 Bookstore
G-31-10.1 Printing and Mail Services
G-31-10.2 Printing
G-31-10.3 Mail Services
G-31-10.4 Copyright
G-31-11 Vehicle Use Policy
G-31-12 Unmanned Aerial Systems